The Best Photo Ops in the Smokies

Woman in front of mural that says "Pigeon Forge" with a smoky mountain scene

Social media is a big deal in today’s world, and it’s no secret that everyone tries to take good photos to post. One fun part of going on vacation is taking photos to share with your friends back home! Imagine if the work of getting the perfect photo was done for you…well, it is in the Smokies! Scroll to see our top choices of where to take photos in Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and Sevierville. These photo-ops are the perfect way to elevate any social media feed!


Photo-ops in Pigeon Forge:

1. Candy Wings at Crave Golf Club

Woman standing in front of a mural of wings made of candy

Do you want pictures as sweet as can be? Go to the back of Crave Golf Club to get a picture with their candy wings that match their candy-themed mini golf course. With a whole parking space blocked off in front of them, there is no doubt guests will be able to get the perfect shot.


2. The Old Mill Waterfall

The Old Mill by the River in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

The Old Mill is one of the most popular stops in Pigeon Forge, and it is also home to one of the best photo ops! The Mill and the waterfall make the perfect backdrop in any photo, and the bridge gets you a great view.


3. Hollywood Wax Celebrity Mountain

Woman standing in front of attraction that looks like Mt. Rushmore, but has Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and John Wayne.

You don’t need to travel out west to see the faces of famous people carved into stone. We have it right here in Pigeon Forge at the Hollywood Wax Museum! Take a picture by yourself or with your group and point to your favorite stars.


4. Selfie by/in the Wheel

Picture of The Wheel lit up at The Island in Pigeon Forge

All visitors should get a photo with one of the most popular icons in Pigeon Forge. If you want to go a step beyond the rest, take a selfie from inside one of the pods with the view behind you!


5. Giant Toys at Toy Box Mini Golf

A man on the back of a giant toy dinosaur with his son climbing on the tail.

Who doesn’t want to feel like they are in one of their childhood favorite films for a bit? The giant toys at Toy Box Mini Golf really immerse visitors in a whole new world. The photo ops are endless! Ride a dinosaur, crash toy cars, and hold up a falling rubix cube!


6. Selfie Room at Beyond the Lens

 Selfie Room at Beyond the Lens; someone took a photo where it looks like they are falling on a bed from standing on a wall. The camera is sideways.

For anyone who wants to look like they are falling through space, trapped in a glass bottle, boxed up like a doll, or being eaten by a dinosaur, the selfie room at Beyond the Lens is the perfect stop for you. With endless photo ops and instructions on the wall of how to navigate the selfie room, you will walk away with some top-tier photos to share on your socials.


7. The Christmas Place

The Incredible Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge, TN. Looks like a Christmas Village from a painting.

Who says Christmas is only in December? That is far from the truth at The Incredible Christmas Place. Take pictures with giant trees, beautiful decorations, and even the beautiful architecture that looks like a Christmas village from a card or painting.


8. Pigeon Forge Mural at Three Bears General Store

Woman in front of mural that says "Pigeon Forge" with a smoky mountain scene

Surprise! Along with ice cream, a general store, and more, Three Bears General Store also has a giant mural on the back of the building! Let your followers know exactly where you are with this creative mural featuring Pigeon Forge’s name and some of its most popular attractions in the letters like Dollywood and amusement rides.


Photo-ops in Sevierville:

1. The Dolly Parton Statue

Statue of Dolly Parton holding a guitar outside the courthouse in downtown Sevierville.

Yes, Dolly is great enough to have her own statue. Located outside the courthouse in downtown Sevierville, this statue by Jim Gray shows a young Dolly barefoot in rolled-up jeans smiling into the distance as she holds her precious guitar. If you can’t get a photo with the real Dolly during your trip to the Smokies, this is the next best thing!


2. Wings of Wander

Young woman standing in front of mural of monarch butterfly wings

When most people think of Dolly Parton, they think of butterflies. It’s no secret she loves them dearly. This mural was inspired by Dolly and painted by Pinkie Mistry. This was the first mural in downtown Sevierville!


3. Red’s Cafe Mural feat. Young Dolly

Mural in downtown Sevierville showing a young Dolly Parton getting served a hamburger at Red's Café.

Rewind even farther back in time with the Red’s Café mural that shows Dolly Parton as a child eating at one of her favorite places. Red’s Café used to be located on Bruce St. near the mural, but now it is closed. A little fun fact about Red’s: it’s where Dolly had her first hamburger!


4. Sevierville Gazebo

White gazebo in the middle of downtown Sevierville

Perfect for any kind of photo, this gazebo is cute, cozy, and it makes a wonderful photo-op any time of year. From proposals, to prom, to visitors just passing through, this spot makes the perfect backdrop for any picture.


Photo-ops in Gatlinburg

1. The Troll at Anakeesta

Two kids play around a troll statue that is made to look like he is made of willow trees.

Courtesy of Anakeesta Photo/Media Library

Who doesn’t like making friends no matter where they go? You definitely need a photo with Willow at Anakeesta to show people you made friends with a troll during your trip to the Smokies; they might not believe you otherwise!


2. “Standing Strong” Mural

A young woman posing in front of a mural that says "Gatlinburg" with a large black bear on the right.

@trialstotravels on Instagram

Black bears are one of the most iconic creatures in the Smokies, but taking a photo with them probably isn’t the best idea. Instead, find the Standing Strong mural by Pinkie Mistry on the corner of Historic Nature Trail and Parkway by light #8 in Gatlinburg.


3. The Skybridge

Two women walking over the glass bottom part of the Skybridge in Gatlinburg

Whether you want a beautiful photo of the Smokies, a photo of North America’s longest swinging pedestrian bridge, or a photo of your feet 500 feet above the trees (don’t worry, there’s glass there), the Skypark in Gatlinburg is a great place to take all kinds of photos to share with your friends and family.


Now that you know where all the best photo-ops in the Smokies are, you have to find them on your next visit!

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