Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center

Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center is the best value in town with four attractions under one roof… the only roof where you’ll see the 34,000-pound Great Ape of Pigeon Forge! Hollywood Wax Museum: If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing a star or being a star, a visit to the world famous Hollywood Wax Museum is a must! Get up close and personal with the stars for fun photo ops with props (you choose the poses!). Walk the red carpet, sing with pop stars, come face-to-face with horror villains, and even put on a wedding dress and marry a star! Get to know the stars better through posted facts about their charities and side businesses, pets, pet peeves, and more. Castle of Chaos: Feel the excitement of a whole new reality! Just grab your 3D glasses, pick up your laser blaster, and choose from two thrilling adventures where you’ll shoot for the highest score. You’re surrounded at every turn by howls, screeches, crashes, rushing water, and so much more that makes you feel like you’re really inside the game. Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors: There once was a kingdom called Savannah with a reigning Princess named Hannah. She’s now trapped in a maze of mirrors and her parents King Oscar and Queen Emmy believe you can save her! Make your way through 288 potential turns among hundreds of mirrored walls and archways and find out if you’re The Chosen One. Outbreak-Dread the Undead: This thrill-a-second haunted walk-through is scary fun that blurs the lines between fiction and reality. You’ll find yourself in a biotech lab at a time when a gone-wrong experiment has turned test subjects into throngs of the undead. The challenge? Rid the world of Alpha Strain, the gene-altering substance that turns humans into zombies, or, at least make it out alive (and screaming)!

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106 Showplace Blvd , Pigeon Forge , TN 37863