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Bear Safety in the Smoky Mountains

Bear Safety in the Smoky Mountains By now, you’ve probably seen video of the bear breaking into a car and stealing food. While the video is funny, it should also serve as a reminder that bears in the Smoky Mountains are no joke. Sure, they’re beautiful and quite photogenic, but there are some bear safety

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An Outdoor Playground for All

The weather here in the Smoky Mountains has been stunning this year! Amazing temperatures, nice breezes and light rain have formed a beautiful and ideal outdoor playground! It is a perfect summer for a picnic in the Smokies. Grab your favorite picnic foods and head down to the creek. Make sure that our cub reporter,

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Buddy Bear is Shopping in Pigeon Forge

Buddy Bear Here: I don’t know about you, but I love to shop. I think I learned to shop from Momma Bear. Momma Bear and I like to go to all over Pigeon Forge to shop for cool stuff. Let me tell you about some of the places we’ve been to recently: Burkes Outlet has

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