Waterfalls in the Smokies

The national park has many unique features that you can not find anywhere else. From the abundance of wildlife and plant life, everywhere you look there is something new to discover. A feature that attracts visitors to the national park are the waterfalls. Each year over 200,000 visitors come to see the waterfalls and with the large amount of rain and elevation increase, the ingredients are there for some spectacular ones. There are hundreds of waterfalls to explore with some being Abrams Falls, Grotto Falls, Laurel Falls and Juney Whank Falls. These waterfalls can all be reached by foot and range in height from 20-90 feet. If you are looking for some that you can drive to and don’t have to access by foot then go to Meigs Falls and Place of a Thousand Drips. Both these waterfalls are directly off the road with easy access for taking photos. When around waterfalls or water in general, it is important to practice water safety. Use extreme caution when walking along riverbanks and do not jump or dive into the water. Trees, rocks or debris could be immediately under water which could cause head or bodily injury. If you find yourself swimming in fast water the safest thing to do is to lie on your back, feet facing down stream with your toes toward the surface. The biggest risk in being in the water is hypothermia. Remember to practice extreme caution when venturing through the park and by bodies of water.

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