My Top 5 Favorite Rides at Dollywood

Dollywood is a staple attraction here in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and covers over 150 acres drawing over 2 million visitors each year. Not only is Dollywood known for its record breaking rides and roller coasters, but they also excel in musical entertainment and shows, craftwork inside the park, and the delicious food all made inside the park! Okay, I gotta move on from the food because my mouth is already watering…

If you’re planning your first trip to the Smoky Mountains and plan to visit Dollywood or you’re just stopping in to see my favorites, keep reading for a list on my top 5 favorite rides at Dollywood!

  1. Thunderhead

Located at Timber Canyon, this award winner coaster, is an all wooden ride which features 22 turns, 32 crossovers, 100 ft drops, and speeds of up to 55 mph. As you glide through the trees and mountain rubble, you’re sure to love this thrilling coaster!

  1. Wild Eagle

Known as the first winged coaster in the U.S, riders are strapped into the seats on wings of a bald eagle which leaves them hanging with nothing but air above and below the seat. While swinging through trees 210 ft above the ground, you’ll be flying at speeds up to 61 mph and experiencing twists, turns, and 4 inversions!

  1. Mystery Mine

I love this ride because it incorporates all of my favorite elements! This indoor- outdoor coaster takes you through an old haunted coal mine taking you through pitch black tunnels to 95 degree vertical lifts which spit you outside. Fire effects and vertical drops push through corkscrews and inversions to really get your adrenaline going! This is by far a favorite for me!

  1. Lightning Rod

You can find this ride in Jukebox Junction with a 1950s hot rod feel. This coaster is also a wooden thriller in the park but uses a launch systems which allows the train to travel from 0 to 45 mph. With a 165 ft drop and speeds capping out at 73 mph, riders are in for a speedy good time!

  1. Daredevil Falls

This ride has always been one of my favorites since I was a little girl. Although it’s not 50- 70 mph with twists, turns, loops, it does give you the best “hydrating” feel 😉 As most of you probably know, summers in Tennessee are the equivalent to holding hands with the sun…inside a volcano. I always looked for forward to riding daredevil Falls multiple times during the day to stay cool. The log boats travel through canals at an easy pace as you wade through an abandoned wood logging site. After heading up the hill you start to wonder how you’re getting down…. Look out! Flying at 50 mph down a 60 foot drop, the waterfall takes you down! Take note: you will get wet, but in this heat, you’ll be asking for it!

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