Titanic Opens NEW Lifejackets Exhibit!

All aboard! 

The Titanic Museum Attraction invites you for a once in a lifetime experience!  Now on display, you can see the world’s largest collection of remaining RMS Titanic Lifejackets ever seen! Come see these historic artifacts now on display through December 2019. In addition to the new exhibit, you can discover over 400 genuine artifacts that are worth over $4 million! Every item on display, was either carried off the ship, or recovered from the floating debris.


Lifejacket Exhibit

For the first time, the largest assemblage of remaining RMS Titanic Lifejackets will be on exclusive display  at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!

“This is a stunning, world exclusive exhibit we’re extremely proud to bring to Pigeon Forge and to our Titanic followers,” says owner, Kellogg-Joslyn. “There are only 12 known lifejackets left in the world. For the first time, 6 of these priceless artifacts will be here at the Titanic Museum Attraction. These jackets gave hope to the helpless, and what stories they tell. During this rare event, our Titanic crew will speak for them.”


Fun Facts

  • There were enough lifejackets to protect the 2,208 passenger/crew on board. However, there not enough lifeboats to save them all.
  • The lifejackets are made out of hard cork and canvas. This made it dangerous for the passengers who had to jump into the water.
  • Since a life boat drill was not exercised, the passengers were not prepared for an emergency.

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