Synchronous Fireflies Viewing

If you’re like me, you weren’t one of the lucky people who landed a spot on the lottery list for a parking pass to view the annual synchronous fireflies. Although this event is by ticket and only viewed at Elkmont, we found a few loopholes and we want to fill YOU in…shhhh don’t tell ūüėȬ†Okay so we can’t sneak you in to Elkmont, and we can’t fit everybody in a helicopter and fly over the event BUT, have no fear, we do have a few tips and tricks that could get you a pretty good view!

  • During the summertime it’s no secret that fireflies are everywhere and swarm around our cookouts and bonfires. Why not take a summer ride through Cades Cove or take to the trails for an easy hike? You’re sure to see fireflies either way all while avoiding the crowds and traffic!
  • Although Elkmont is where the event takes place, there are plenty of nearby campgrounds that you and your family can enjoy and watch fireflies in relaxation. Here’s a few recommendations:
    • Cades Cove Campground- 10042 Campground Dr, Townsend, TN 37882
    • Cosby Campground- ¬†127 Cosby Entrance Rd, Cosby, TN 37722
    • Abrams Creek Campground- Abrams Creek Campground Rd, Tallassee, TN 37878
    • ¬†Smokemont Campground-¬†Smokemont Campground Rd A, Cherokee, NC 28719
    • Big Creek Group Campground-¬†¬†Big Creek Entrance Rd, Newport, NC 37821
  • Simply try visiting the Elkmont site on a different day. The official viewing is June 7- June 14, however going a day or two before or after could always get you a good look at the fireflies!

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