Smoky Mountain Fun Facts

Old historic log cabins located in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee,

Attracting millions of visitors each year, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg have so much history nestled into their roots! If you’ve been to the area you may know some fun and interesting facts that others may not know. Aside from all the attractions, there’s a few points from history that helped make Pigeon Forge what it is today! Here’s a few smoky mountain fun facts!


  1. White Oak Flats –> Gatlinburg

Settlers arrived to the area in the 19th century and founded the the White Oak Flats community. The White Oak Flats name comes from how many white oak trees covered the area. Eventually, the town name become Gatlinburg after settler, Radford Gatlin, moved in and opened a general store.


  1. There’s No Place Like Home!

Talk about great location! The Smoky Mountains are so wide spread that an entire third of the country is within a day’s drive.


  1. “Ain’t No Smoggy Smoke On Rocky Top…”

Although we call these beautiful mountains “smoky,” they’re actually just covered in a layer of fog! The plants and tree release water vapor which gives it the smoky look!


  1. Bears, Bears, Bears!

It’s fitting that the Great Smoky Mountain mascot is the black bear. With 1,500 bears calling this place home, you have a good chance of finding 2 black bears per square mile! If you’re looking to see any bears while on your trip, we recommend visiting Cades Cove or any hiking trails. Check out a few of our favorites here. *link hikes*


  1. Feel On Top Of The World!

Okay maybe not the world….but maybe Tennessee! Head to the highest point in Tennessee at Clingman’s Dome, which stands at 6,643 feet.


  1. See History Up Close And Personal

While taking a trip through the 11 mile loop at Cades Cove, you are sure to see some amazing historical buildings! You can explore see cabins, churches, farming structures, wagons, and even cemeteries. All of these structures date back to the 1800s and educate all visitors on how the early settlers lived.


  1. The Old Mill

The areas most beloved Old Mill has great historical significance. Today, there are so many attractions, hotels, and restaurants that fill the city. It’s crazy to think that The Old Mill used to power the entire city! Well, up until 1935 that is. Although it no longer powers Pigeon Forge, it still operates by grinding grains for the food they still cook and sell.


  1. Ready For A Swim?

For all you adventure seekers out there, travel to Tennessee to see the largest underground lake! So far they’ve found 13 acres of water with more to be discovered. The Lost Sea is an attraction where visitors can discover the Craighead Caverns, take tours, and ride in boats around the lake.


  1. How many?!

Did you know that about 10 million people visit the Great Smoky Mountains each year? Even more interesting, only about 6,000 people are residents!


  1. Glowing Phenomenon

Every year in the Great Smoky Mountains you can try your luck for a ticket to see the Synchronous Fireflies. These mountains are one of the only places in the  world where you can witness this!

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