Crave Golf Club Sweetens the Golf Game

Crave Golf Club changes the game with a 36-Hole, multi-level, sweet-themed golf destination in heart of Pigeon Forge!


I got the inside scoop of Pigeon Forge’s sweetest attraction and I’m here to tell you all about it!  

As you walk inside a wave of sugar from the Sweet Shop hits you immediately- in the best way possible! Not only can you smell the hundreds of different candies, but the colors used to decorate the room are outstanding! I actually felt like I was in Willa Wonka’s factory! I may have packed a bag full of gummy bears but let’s keep that between us 😉


If you keep walking through the candy wonderland you see four lanes of mini bowling. Set up like a real game of bowling, you and 6 friends can take your chance of a strike! I really love the idea of mini bowling especially for the younger kids. It makes it much easier for them to play and the bowling balls are the perfect weight for anyone to play!

Now for the main event…

Crave offers two different courses for you ad the family to enjoy. Both courses are 19- holes and at each one there is a spinner. The spinner is optional but definitely adds to the fun by changing up the way you putt each time. It could make you putt in a funny position or give you an incentive after your turn.



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