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Parrot Mountain

Have you ever wanted to immerse yourself in an oasis of exotic birds? Surround yourself with birds of all different colors and sizes? Well, you don’t have to dream any long when you come to Pigeon Forge, TN. Welcome to Parrot Mountain and Garden of Eden; the one true garden where bird-lovers alike can get a hands-on experience with our feather-friends of the trees and sky.

Birds Of A Feather


Parrots In The Garden


Calling all Bird-lovers to Parrot Mountain. Here, in Pigeon Forge, you can interact with hundreds of exotic birds from all over the world. Each housed throughout the Garden in beautiful English style cottages. These birds are free to fly about and play, so you can visit with happy birds who are just waiting to spend the day with you.

The Show Never Ends


Take Pics with Parrots


Don’t plan on a short day when you visit Parrot Mountain. With a full garden of birds to interact with, a nursery to visit newly hatched parrots, and a walk-in aviary where you can feed nectar to Australian Lorikeets; there is so much to do. Feed, pet, take pictures, and just stand back and enjoy the birds as they fly around you. Parrot Mountain is a Eco-Tourist bird park, so you are participating in a friendly environment with the intent of conservation efforts of these beautiful creatures.

Be Part of The Conservation Efforts


Sponsor a Bird


One special thing that you can do, besides all the fun items we mentioned above, is that you can Sponsor a Bird. By sponsoring a bird, you are providing funds to help feed, care, and nurse back to health birds that are brought. Be more than just a visitor, be a Sponsor and help Parrot Mountain provide the care these special birds need.

Experience something different this trip to the Great Smoky Mountains and introduce your family to the birds of Parrot Mountain. Capture memories and invite stories that your group will be sharing for ages to come. There is nothing more magical than the smile that these beautiful birds will place on your family’s faces.

Check out more here on the Parrot Mountain Member Page.

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