Member of the Month: Alcatraz East – Crime Museum

Member of the Month - Alcatraz East Crime Museum

Pigeon Forge’s Own Crime Museum

Do you enjoy those crime docu-series on the current streaming apps? Are you finding yourself drawn to mystery novels, audio-books, or virtual crime-solving parties? Have you seen Scarface, The Godfather, Casino, or any other gangster movie more times than you can count? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our Member of the Month for March is right up your alley. Pigeon Forge Chamber is proud to introduce Alcatraz East – Crime Museum.

Alcatraz East boosts one of the largest collections of Crime related artifacts and exhibits on the East Coast. With over 25,000 square feet of unique exhibits and galleries; featuring, Criminal Profiles, The Penal System, Victim’s Stories, Crime Prevention, Forensic Science, Law Enforcement, and information about our very own Justice System. Alcatraz East also has over 100 interactive stations to fully immerse yourself into the criminal world.

Historic American Crimes

Alcatraz East - Crime Museum - Getaway Cars

Dive further into the psyche of famous criminals with each of the main exhibits featured in our Member of the Month’s 2-story museum. From famous pirates to the gunslingers of the Old West. Alcatraz Easts offers information on White-Collar Criminals, events such as 9/11, and even a garage of infamous getaway cars. You can even see the Bronco from the famous OJ Simpson case. Checkout Mugshots and other interesting and mind-blowing facts you may not have ever seen or heard about.

Currently, Alcatraz East is hosting a temporary, once-in-a-lifetime, exhibit that features John Dillinger’s Final Jailbreak. Learn more about this mystery that has perplexed criminal investigators for years. See items they believe he used during his escape and learn facts that are still being studied today. Can you figure out how John Dillinger was able to escape prison 3-times?

Crime Fighting – Law Enforcement over the Years

Alcatraz East - Crime Museum - Forensics

Learn more about how our law enforcement evolved over the years to capture and track down these hardened criminals. Explore forensic tactics and information from ballistics to DNA and blood analysis. Get to know more about fingerprinting and facial reconstruction. These are all the same techniques that current investigators learn about and are currently using to solve the crimes of the 21st Century. Get involved with their interactive exhibits and see if you could be the next top detective.

Criminal Artifacts

Alcatraz East - Crime Museum - Crime Artifacts

While you walk through the galleries of Alcatraz East, you will find more than just photos and facts. You will also get to see artifacts that tell you more about the crimes, the criminals, the law enforcement officers, and so much more. See the crime photos of Jesse James, Bonnie and Clyde, and even an autograph of Charles Manson.

Get a visual presence of how the criminal world evolved over time as the years introduced new trends, weapons, and technology. Learn what people considered “collectable” and what items were even considered an important “relic”.

No matter what your interests are, Alcatraz East – Crime Museum will surely peak an interest inside you, even a curiosity fascination that you may not even know existed within you. Dive into the Criminal and Law Enforcement world with our Member of the Month and see why thousands visit this museum every year.

Learn more on our Alcatraz East – Crime Museum Member page here.

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