Tennessee Shine Co.

Come visit a true craft distillery in Wears Valley. Our roots run deep. Centuries of one recipe of pure mountain water and homegrown corn in handmade copper stills. Recipes passed down from fathers to sons, grandfathers to grandsons—separating the men from the boys. Not for the money, the fame, the attention, nor the glory. All for the pride of creating something to brighten the dark Smoky Mountain nights, something to make their heritage stand the test of time, and ensure their traditions would live on as long as the hills stand. Moonshine was lifeblood in the Appalachians. To the settlers it became currency, healed the sick, and sparked the celebrations. 200 years later, we’re proud to honor their sacrifice. Grandpap never took shortcuts and neither do we. From start to finish, every drop of Tennessee Shine Co. is produced on site in our Wears Valley distillery. Our jar is made for working hands—from the coal-stained hands of the miner to the sharp-dressed hands of the stock broker. We put in our days’ work so you can celebrate yours We use only the best American ingredients: corn, mountain water, yeast, and sugar. It was good enough for our granddaddy's and it’ll be good enough for our grandsons. After a unique triple distilling process, Tennessee Shine Co. brings an old favorite to a new generation. In these mountains, a man’s worth is built from respect. Tennessee Shine Co. is committed to respecting the tradition of our Appalachian roots from the first drop to the last. Respect the Mountains. Respect the Tradition. Respect the Shine.

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3303 Wears Valley Road , Sevierville , TN 37862