Smoky Mountain Escape Games

Our mission is for everyone who enter our door to enjoy, our immersive escape room games. As a result each of our rooms features a unique theme, mission, decor, and series of puzzles. Therefore our interactive adventure escape game rooms will require teamwork, quick thinking, and determination to find clues and solve puzzles. As a result, each escape room is fun for couples, groups, kids and has proven to be a fun activity for all ages and occasions. Can you escape in 60 minutes? One thing is for certain, you will be having fun while using your brain. Above all, we take pride in everyone leaving our games with a smile! Currently, we have three unique escape games, Diamond Heist, Mad Scientist and The Haunting. We have two more opening this year! Whether you have never even heard if an escape or played hundreds, we pride ourselves in making yours a fun and thought provoking experience. We will help you as little or as much as you would like, along the way. Each of our games has an intriguing back story. Diamond Heist- The Perfect Robbery The famous Star of Dreams Diamond has been stolen! Montgomery Bank & Trust is a known front for money laundering, as well as other criminal activity. Reliable intel indicates the Star of Dreams is secured somewhere on their premises, presumably under the watchful eye of the bank’s president, Charles Montgomery, III. Your help is needed to ensure the Star of Dreams Diamond is recovered by its rightful owner! It’s up to you to break into Montgomery’s office, locate his secret vault and confiscate the diamond before he returns. Mad Scientist- A science experiment gone right; but the antidote has fallen into the wrong hands! Dr. Fritz Von Hoffen has been labeled a “Mad Scientist.” He has dedicated his life’s work to creating THE ANTIDOTE – a cure to the terminal illness which has befallen his beloved wife Hilde. Two days ago, he finally perfected it. Fritz was framed by a group of jealous colleagues who call themselves THE NUCLEUS. With Fritz locked away, wrongly accused, they plan to weaponize his powerful ANTIDOTE and sell it on the black market to some of our country’s deadliest enemies. THE NUCLEUS must be stopped. You must locate THE ANTIDOTE and use it to clear Fritz’s good name, allowing him to finally cure his darling wife Hilde! The Haunting- You can’t escape until it does. There are those that say that Worthington Mansion is haunted, if not by spirits then by terrible secrets hidden somewhere in the home. Your job is to confirm or disprove that this site is haunted, and if it is haunted, find a way to cleanse the home of any entities that may linger there once and for all… Other Paranormal Investigators have tried and failed. You must pick up where they left off and unravel the mysteries that they could not. The truth awaits in the shadows of Worthington Mansion, and only you can bring it to light. Come on in and play some ping ping and sit awhile! We hope to see you soon!

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179 E Wears Valley Rd, Suite 24 , Pigeon Forge , TN 37863