MagiQuest Pigeon Forge

MagiQuest is an interactive treasure hunt game. Armed with a magic wand and clue book, Magi search for clues and treasures through a highly themed fairy forest, village, dragon dungeon, and secret Goblin Chamber to advance through the quests and adventures. Magi will be filled with wonder and excitement as they defeat the Goblin King, interact with fairies, a princess, and mystical creatures, hunt for treasures and clues, and battle the dragon all with a magic wand that brings the characters to life and stores their progress as they complete the levels to become a Master Magi.

Fun for the whole family, Special FX Pirate Golf ™ is a mesmerizing, black-light, 18-hole miniature golf course set in a Caribbean pirate village. Putt through the lively pirate village and across the pirate ship as villagers entertain you all around. Be on the lookout for hidden treasure! 

The Odyssey takes mirror mazes to a whole new level. The endless loops with dancing lights, jazzy carpet, and music will leave you dancing, laughing, twisting, and turning the whole way through. 

Enjoy Adventure Arcade – the newest addition to the MagiQuest castle! Filled with the latest and greatest redemption arcade games. Your family and friends will have tons of fun playing Halo, Jurassic Park, Wizard of Oz, NBA Gametime, Mario Kart, World’s Largest Pac Man, Skee-Ball, and many more!

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2491 Parkway , Pigeon Forge , TN 37863