Kaizen Rentals

Kaizen is more than just a name...Kaizen is a business philosophy that in short means; constant and consistent improvement. At Kaizen Rentals we strive to live by this both individually as people and collectively as a company and we treat our team members, guests and owner/partners as family. We know that if we can provide great experiences to guests in clean and safe environments with modern amenities the rest will take care of itself, however as vacation rental property investors ourselves we also understand that pride of ownership and revenue have to be a priority as well. As property owners in the same area as you we understand the unique challenges that owners face and we address each one as we do our own properties. We treat your property as our own with strict guest vetting, regular third party inspections, in house supervised cleaners and proprietary Kaizen Rentals pricing strategies. Unlike other Vacation Rental management companies who look to automate pricing and advertise high occupancy rates we understand that occupancy rates alone do not indicate optimal or high revenue and they certainly do not assure you that your home will have as little wear and tear as possible. Our goal at Kaizen Rentals is to free our owners from the stress and struggles of self management while also genuinely caring for their homes and increasing revenue so that the money you see at the end of the day remains the same or increases from self management without the stress and wear and tear of a revolving door rental strategy.

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