Goose Creek Boutique

Goose Creek Boutique is a family owned & operated company located in the thriving town of Pigeon Forge, TN; also home to America's Sweetheart Dolly Parton and the Great Smoky Mountains. Our shop is on the corner of Goose Gap & Waldens Creek, which inspired our unique name. With our newly renovated shop, we aim to be more than just a printing company. Our Goose Creek Team consists of creative, devoted individuals who are passionate about our products and are constantly pushing the boundaries of what we can do for our customers so that we can build long lasting relationships. We love to inspire and to be inspired. It is our mission to serve our customers by conveniently providing them with affordable apparel for any occasion. We understand that we are not just printing t-shirts, we’re helping people make memories, show off their business, and sell products at their local shop. To our customers, these are more than just pieces of fabric, they are customized, advertisements, and keepsakes that they will use everyday. Being a small business ourselves, we’re incredibly proud to know that with every order we fill, we’re sharing a piece of our small business with another!

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2854 Goose Gap Road , Sevierville , TN 37876