ESCAPE ROOMS - CHALLENGING FUN One of a kind, Gatlin’s 5 themed escape rooms feature props, lighting and sound effects. Solve puzzles, conquer challenges, while experiencing adrenaline pumping surprises around every corner. Work together in a 60-minute race against the clock to escape Gatlin’s live action escape games. GATLIN'S MINI GOLF - AWARD WINNING! Come play a timeless game in a timeless place! Gatlin’s Mini Golf is the area’s largest miniature golf destination—offering 45 holes of fun! Our TWO award-winning outdoor miniature golf courses are set on a unique, serene hillside. Travel back in time and learn about Gatlinburg’s history as each hole tells you the story of the area’s first settlers and fascinating past. LASER TAG - GAME ON! In the largest arena in the Gatlinburg area, prove you are a sharpshooter with a friendly game of laser tag. Our 3000 sq. ft. arena features sentry pods and home bases that fire back! We offer brand new, lighter vests and the latest phaser technology to help you shoot your way to the top of the leaderboard. We recommend this attraction for children over the age of 5 and at least 44 inches tall. GATLIN’S RUGGED ROPES ADVENTURE COURSE Come take towards the sky on our brand-new high ropes adventure course! Gatlin’s Rugged Ropes Adventure Course is the first of its kind in Gatlinburg. Adventurers, while safely harnessed in an overhead track, will be able to climb three stories in the air to face thirty-eight challenges including rickety bridges, suspended ropes and other balancing obstacles. BLACKLIGHT GOLF - GLOW IN THE DARK! Join us for the hottest trend in miniature golf and play a round or two in our indoor 9-hole Blacklight Golf Course! This unique experience takes you UNDER THE SEA as you play your way around a giant octopus, a beautiful mermaid, playful dolphins, tons of tropical fish and maybe even a sunken pirate ship and its bountiful treasure. LATEST BUMPER CAR TECHNOLOGY! Dual lever steering controls allow you to go in any direction – or just sit and spin in circles! While there is a 44″ height requirement, not having traditional gas and brake pedals allows most young kids to participate equally with the adults. LASER MAZE - ADDICTIVE! Put your game face on, this “Mission Impossible” style setting has four different skill levels to appeal to all ages. The object is to navigate the laser maze as quickly as possible reaching your checkpoints without breaking a beam. Jump, crawl, climb & twist your way through an obstacle course of highly sensitive lasers. If you break a laser, an alarm will sound and you will be penalized with time added to your score. ATOMIC RUSH - RACE YOUR FRIENDS! This new attraction combines Simon Says with Whack-A-Mole in a high tech setting! Your agility and coordination is hilariously tested as you compete against family and friends in three fun game selections.

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