Curl De La Creme

Curl de la Crème is an ice cream parlor with a concept new to the area- rolled ice cream. We are located next to the Publix Super Market in the heart of Pigeon Forge. We hand craft ice cream right in front of you, with whichever fresh seasonal fruits, cookies, or cakes you choose. Kids and adults likewise, will enjoy seeing the process of liquid cream, turning into ice cream rolls. We first pour fresh vanilla or chocolate cream onto our frozen pan with a mix-in of choice. We chop and mix to help freeze the cream. Once frozen it is spread out, scraped into rolls, and sent down the conveyor belt so up to three toppings can be added. Our cream base is gluten friendly, and suitable for lacto-vegetarians. We also offer a sugar free base, and an organic, non-GMO soy vegan (suitable for lactose intolerant) ice cream base! Many of our options are free of artificial flavorings and colors so you can feel good about eating this fun, unique, and most importantly, delicious treat, sure to satiate your sweet tooth!

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2656 Parkway Suite 6 , Pigeon Forge , TN 37863