Christ in the Smokies

Experience the Greatest Story Ever Told. Travel back in time 2000 years and witness a unique portrayal of the Life of Christ at Gatlinburg’s premier inspirational attraction - Christ Museum and Gardens. Your tour begins with breathtaking scenes, peopled with over 100 life-sized biblical figures in realistic settings, underscored by state of the art lighting and special effects, beautiful music and dramatic narrations taken directly from the scriptures. It is as if, “You are there” as these wonderful stories from the Bible unfold before your eyes. The adjoining rotunda houses a priceless collection of ancient coins and precious gems, along with exhibits on the King James Bible and Holy land artifacts. The patio prayer garden features a monumental sculpture of the Face of Christ, so skillfully carved, not only the eyes, but the entire face seems to follow your every move as you stand before it. This year, the top ten signs of the second coming are the subject of a new exhibit and scene which will bring to life the verse from Revelations, “Behold I stand at the door and knock.” A new figure of Christ will be shown before a roughhewn door, staff in hand and to add to the realism of the scene the sky will slowly fade from daytime to nighttime during the presentation. Our gift shop features inspirational gifts, bible related items, area souvenirs and collectibles. Many of our guest have said it is the most memorable and heartfelt experience they have had in the Smokies. Christ Museum and Gardens is open 7 days a week – only closed on Christmas day.

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510 River Road , Gatlinburg , TN 37738