Biblical Times Theater

Biblical Times Dinner Theater offers unique productions combining state-of-the-art 3D holographic technology with a live cast. Extensive research has gone into the writing of all productions along with the council of trusted Bible scholars to ensure they are scriptural sound. Each show is really two shows in one, with a first-half Gospel Concert and a second-half Theatrical Musical Production. With each production you will receive a FEAST OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS! While you are being served, in the 27" wide rocking, padded, upholstered theater chairs, the live cast will perform a concert of variety of Christian music.  You’ll hear Southern Gospel, Contemporary Worship, and Classic Hymns, and even some Blue-grass! Music selections and menus vary with productions. Our current show from March 24th through October 28th, 2023, is the "Story of Peter". Arguably one of the most relatable characters in all of Scripture, Peter was one of Jesus’ most faithful disciples and a trusted friend.  He witnessed countless numbers of miracles, walked on water, and even saw Jesus in His full glory. Having observed these glorious realities, Peter still denied knowing Jesus. “Peter” brings to life so many of the thoughts and emotions this beloved character must have experienced.  Through Peter’s ups and downs, we see a beautiful picture of God’s Grace, His Love, and His Desire to Restore those who’ve fallen short.In the darkest moments of Grief, Hopelessness and Guilt, God has the power to transform lives into showcases of Joy, Hope, and Freedom to be used for His glory! November and December of 2023 will be our production "A Savior Has Come", which is the story of the birth of Christ, which is the real meaning of Christmas. For tickets and/or questions, call (865) 908-3327 or go to our website

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