Don’t Let the Slope Slide Slow You Down

Alternative Route to Avoid I-75 Slope Slide

Take our suggested route from Kentucky to the Smokies for easier travel, great views, and awesome pit-stops

With the recent slope slide at MM 142 in Campbell County closing both northbound and southbound traffic on I-75, some visitors to the Great Smoky Mountains may be having a tough time navigating the detours. The removal of the debris from the slide is scheduled to take weeks, resulting in backed-up traffic and precarious detours.

We know many of the visitors to our area rely on I-75 for quick travel, but we have a solution!

Our suggested alternative route to the Smokies offers I-75 regulars a scenic, safe, quick, and fun way to the mountains. Rather than taking I-75, you can simply jump onto Highway 25 E from Corbin, KY, and follow the highway all the way to I-81, which can take you directly to Exit 407 and the Smoky Mountains. The alternative route is comparable to the time it takes on I-75 (when you take detour time into account), and has some other awesome perks as well.

Taking 25 E to Morristown then I-81 to Pigeon Forge offers great views with basically the same travel time

Taking 25 E to Morristown then I-81 to Pigeon Forge offers great views with basically the same travel time

Highway 25 E is a 4-lane highway, so travel is fairly smooth and easy. But, there are more reasons for you to take this highway than just easy travel! The highway, known as the East Tennessee Crossings Byway, is designated as a National Scenic Byway by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation.

Its designation as a scenic byway comes from the beautiful views and its storied history. Along the way, you’ll enjoy picturesque rural settings and a view of the Appalachian Mountains. The road follows the original trail of the Cherokee Warriors Path, the Wilderness Road across Clinch Mountain and the Cumberland Gap, the Dixie Highway of the Civil War, and Thunder Road of the days of moonshining.

Along your way down the historic highway, you can take pit-stops at one of the many towns lining the road. One of the coolest stops along the way has got to be Morristown, featuring some easy-to-access food spots and fascinating historic landmarks. Be sure to check out our Morristown counterpart, the Morristown Chamber of Commerce, for some ideas on things to do if you do decide to stop into this cool town.

Once you’re through Morristown, all you need to do is take I-81 South to Exit 407, and you’ll be in Pigeon Forge before you know it. This route helps you skip the detours (and the headache) while the damage of the slope slide is repaired, but it also lets you and your family experience a historic highway while supporting small towns along the way! If you like you can download the Google Map from above here.

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