How to Plan the Perfect Pigeon Forge Vacation

Planning the perfect vacation can be challenging. From figuring up your budget to finding the right place to stay, your search for a stress-free vacation can sure be stressful. Luckily, we have you covered. In this article we’re going to help you skip the stress by providing a blueprint to planning the perfect Pigeon Forge vacation.


Part 1: Figure out your budget

Like most facets of life, the smartest first step to making sure you have a great vacation is to carefully pre-plan your budget. For some, making a budget is second nature, but for many of us we need a little help in crafting a smart budget. So, to get some tips on budgeting we turned to Robin Kurtz, Marketing Director at Tennessee State Bank in Pigeon Forge.

According to Robin, budgeting for your trip begins with looking at where you’re currently spending. “Keep track of everything you spend, and then look at that and see where you can cut spending and save. If you don’t spend your money, you’re actually saving.” Once you’ve taken a look at your finances and figured out where you can save your money, you’ll know how much you’re actually working with for your vacation.


When you know where you can save, the next step is figuring out where you’ll be spending on your vacation. “You need to see how much you need to save for, depending on where you’re staying and what you’re doing,” said Ms. Kurtz, “Once you know how much you need for your vacation, then you can start cutting back and start saving.”

Robin also suggested making sure you get the best deal by being on the lookout for discounts, coupons, specials, and contests. “Go out there and look at some of the specials, like what comes up on the Pigeon Forge Chamber email newsletter.” Taking advantage of coupons like the ones found in our free visitors’ guide or our email newsletter is a great way to cut on costs during your stay in Pigeon Forge.

Part 2: Decide your lodging

The next important step to orchestrating the perfect Pigeon Forge getaway is to figure out your lodging options. Luckily, you have a wide variety of amazing lodging options that fit any preference or family size with a Pigeon Forge vacation. The trick is to figure out what things are most important to you, and then to see which lodging options best fit your wants and needs.

Hotels and Motels

Hotels and motels are a go-to option for many of the visitors to Pigeon Forge. Combining awesome amenities, convenience, and a close proximity to the area’s best attractions, hotels and motels can offer you everything you need for a great vacation experience. We took some time to speak to Melissa Keith from the Hilton Garden Inn, Pigeon Forge, to see what some of her visitors have said about their decision to stick with a hotel. “I believe that when people come to hotels, they’re looking to be pampered,” said Ms. Keith. Amenities like indoor and outdoor pools, hot tubs, fitness rooms, free wi-fi, and more bring people to hotels, as well as consistent cleanliness help people feel pampered and relaxed. Hotels and motels can put you in the heart of the action, or draw you away from the hustle and bustle. Ready to find the right hotel or motel? Check out our member businesses to see which one is right for you.

Cabins are perfect for your Pigeon Forge vacation

Cabins offer seclusion and amazing views.

Cabins & Chalets

Maybe you’re looking for an experience that offers the serenity of lounging on a mountainside while simultaneously keeping you close to the awesome things to do in the area? Then, a cabin or chalet might be right for you. Cabins and chalets offer amazing Smoky Mountain views and unbridled privacy. You’ll feel right at home in modern kitchens and cozy living rooms, but you’re also not going to be short on amenities at a cabin, as many offer luxury like indoor and outdoor heated pools, hot tubs, game rooms, pool tables, and much more. Rather for a romantic escape or a family getaway, a cabin or chalet could be the perfect fit for you. Trying to decide which cabin to pick? Find the right one with our cabin and chalet listings.

RV Parks are perfect for your Pigeon Forge vacation

RV Parks & campgrounds are good low-cost options for lodging.

Bed and Breakfasts, Inns, and Lodges

If you’re yearning for a one-on-one experience that provides great mountain views, delicious meals, and a feel like you’re home, then one of Pigeon Forge’s many bed and breakfasts, inns, or lodges might be right for you. These types of lodging set themselves apart from other options through their intimate settings and regular meal offerings. You’ll enjoy beautifully decorated and fully unique rooms on peaceful grounds. The innkeepers will greet you with a personal touch as you get settled in, offering you refreshments and salutations. Find the perfect bed and breakfast, inn, or lodge for your next vacation.

Campgrounds and RV Parks

Looking to reconnect with nature and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Pigeon Forge’s numerous campgrounds and RV parks provide an awesome getaway at an affordable price. Most offer amenities like swimming pools, playgrounds, clubhouses, and laundry, but many choose these lodgings because of the way it can connect you with nature. Kids will love campgrounds and RV parks, as they play with other children while you relax. You’ll still be close to the action, too, as it’s only a short drive to the area’s top attractions. Discover the campground or RV park that’s perfect for you and your family.

Resorts & condos offer luxury amenities like water parks and golf courses.

Resorts and Condos

Do you love luxury? When you search for the perfect lodging are amenities on the top of your must-have lists? Then, picking a resort or condo for your next vacation could be the right choice. You get all the room you could want at these awesome locations, in addition to access to amazing amenities like water parks, spas, outdoor and indoor pools, golf courses, gourmet dining, and more. Each resort and condo has its own flavor, offering unique experiences for its guests. If you crave luxury and amenities, then check out our listings for some tips on where to stay.

Part 3: Pick your activities

When you’re deciding which activities are right for you and your family, Pigeon Forge has so many options it may seem overwhelming to choose sometimes. Many people have the tendency to try and fit as many things in their day as possible, but the better choice is to pick the activities that are right for you.

Outdoor Adventures

If you are looking for an unforgettable outdoor adventure, there are several awesome things to do in the Pigeon Forge Area.

Ziplines are an awesome way to take in the amazing Smoky Mountain views while also feeling like you’re flying. Mountain coasters offer another type of adventure, with you barreling down a mountain on a track. Taking a helicopter tour or a ride on a biplane can offer you a bird’s eye view of the Smokies, while enjoying a guided hike can give you an inside look to hidden waterfalls and natural beauties. Pigeon Forge is a white water rafting destination, and you’ll find no shortage of companies ready to make your river adventure a reality.

No matter what outdoor adventure you crave, Pigeon Forge has you covered.

Museum attractions like Wonderworks and the Titanic museum make learning fun.

Museum attractions like Wonderworks and the Titanic museum make learning fun.

Learning Can Be Fun

Pigeon Forge is home to some amazing places that seamlessly blend learning into interactive and exciting attractions. These museum attractions are perfect for a family looking to have a great time while experiencing the wonders of history and science first hand.

Get a look at the awesome museum attractions in Pigeon Forge.

Enjoy the Show

Do you love the theater? Or are you looking for dinner with something extra? Pigeon Forge is home to numerous live theater and dinner shows that deliver family-friendly content, delicious food, and unforgettable experiences. These shows feature a wide range of content perfect for any taste, from world-class country music, to hilarious comedy, to thrilling tales of murder and betrayal and the fast-paced action of the most visited dinner attraction in the world.

Love the theater? Check out the awesome shows you can catch in Pigeon Forge.

Want dinner with your show? See all of the amazing dinner shows Pigeon Forge has to offer.

Rainy days don’t have to put a damper on your Pigeon Forge vacation, there’s plenty of indoor adventures to have, like…

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If you love shopping, you couldn’t pick a better vacation spot than Pigeon Forge. With access to a wide range of stores, you can find awesome products at even better prices. Go antiquing at unique stores with items you won’t see anywhere else. Check out one of our many breweries, distilleries, or wineries and try a free sample. Get killer deals at some of our outlet stores, specialty shops. You also can’t forget or the Tanger Outlets, veritable hubs of shopping. Moms, also don’t forget to pamper yourself at a relaxing spa, like the St. Somewhere Spa or the Spa at RiverStone Resort.

The Island is a must-see stop for your Pigeon Forge vacation

The Island is the perfect place for shopaholics.

Things to Do for the Entire Family

The Smokies are a family-fun destination. There are so many different things to do in Pigeon Forge, that you’ll have no problem finding something that fits the entire family.

Go-kart tracks are a family favorite, and you’ll find plenty offering fast-paced fun. Mini-golf is another mainstay, such as the iconic Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf. There are also lots of attractions that offer unique family experiences, like the , where you can pose with the famous figures of the past, compete in laser tag, or transverse a mirror maze, or Parrot Mountain and the Garden of Eden, where kids can see and interact with hundreds of parrots while taking in idyllic scenery.

Your family is sure to find the right attraction with so many amazing businesses in Pigeon Forge.


Finally, while there are many, many amazing options for families to have fun in Pigeon Forge, don’t miss out on the awesome free things to do in the area as well. Check out one of our older blog posts for a good list of free activities in the area.

Also, it doesn’t cost anything to enjoy the majesty of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park! In fact, the GSMNP is the only national park that is completely free of charge to enjoy. Check out this article for tips on the best trails for families to enjoy.

A Virtual Hike on Porter’s Creek TrailTake a virtual hike on Porter’s Creek Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Porter’s Creek runs parallel to the trail, and there’s an awesome waterfall at the end.

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Step 4: Enjoy Your Vacation!

While a little planning is important when you’re getting ready for your vacation, don’t let your getaway stress you out! Studies have shown that over-planning and inflexibility can lead to stressful vacations. We’ve all heard the saying: “I need a vacation from my vacation.” Between managing finances, supervising kids, and getting through traffic it may seem like your escape is stressing you out. Be sure not to over-plan your trip, and to leave room for flexibility in your schedule. Leaving room for adaptation can turn your trip’s hiccups into one-of-a-kind adventures.

Don’t stress if things don’t go according to plan. Is it raining on the day you were planning to zipline? Change up your schedule and visit a museum attraction. Lines too long at an attraction you wanted to visit? Take a quick hike and see if the crowds die down. It’s your vacation, don’t let the inevitable challenges of life bring you down.

Also, don’t try to fit too much in one day. Keeping your family on a tight schedule could make you miss or glaze over a really cool exhibit or experience. Take the time to enjoy your experience as its happening. You’re on vacation, after all!

So there you have it, your blueprint to planning the perfect Pigeon Forge vacation. Did we miss something? If you found this article helpful, please Leave us a comment on our Facebook page, we would love to hear your thoughts!

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