Go Kart Tracks in the Smokies to Get Your Motor Running

Take your family and friends on a spin at one of these go kart tracks in Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and Sevierville! Each location has fast cars and exciting rides, as well as other fun things to do with your family during your stay in Pigeon Forge!

Adventure Raceway

Adventure Raceway in a staple in Pigeon Forge! Built in 1985, Adventure Raceway has a three story wooden track, complete with a spiral and a hump that lets you see Pigeon Forge from a different height while racing down and around the track. Once you’ve raced around the track, ride the bumper boats and have a splash! For more information, visit Adventure Raceway’s listing here or their website here.

adventure raceway

Cooter’s Place

Come to Cooter’s Place in Gatlinburg and see all things Dukes of Hazzard, including catching a ride on the indoor Go Kart track! While you are visiting, be sure to see the indoor Hazzard Country Club 18-hole Mini Golf course, Cooter’s Garage, the museum filled with pictures, props, costumes, memorabilia and more! Have your picture made with the General Lee. For more information, visit Cooter’s Place’s listing here or their website here.


Fun Stop Family Action Park

Visit Fun Stop Action Park in Pigeon Forge and hop on the one of the four high speed tracks. Be the “King of the Mountain” on the Elevated track, slip and slide your way around each hairpin turn on the Slick Track, let your future racer drive their own kart on the Junior Track or ride rain or shine in the new Indoor Go Kart Pro Track. Ride in double karts or single karts! While visiting, be sure to see all the other exciting things to do at Fun Stop such as mini golf, Big Top Arcade and the great family rides like the Sling Shot, SkyScraper, Soaring Eagle Zipline, Bungee Trampoline and more! For more information, visit Fun Stop Family Action Park’s listing here or their website here.

fun stop

Lazerport Fun Center

Lazerport Fun Center has an exciting track that reaches forty-three feet in the air! Take a ride up the roller coaster style track to the top and plunge down a forty foot drop. With great observation decks, your family can grab great photos of the ride, as well as beautiful Pigeon Forge. Once you’ve felt the thrill of the go karts, be sure to play on the indoor black light 18 hole mini golf course, grab an ice cream cone at the ice cream parlor, have a ball in the arcade and play a game of laser tag! There is something for everything at Lazerport Fun Center. For more information, visit Lazerport Fun Center’s listing here or their website here.


NASCAR SpeedPark

Get your high speed race on at NASCAR SpeedPark and ride like your favorite NASCAR driver! NASCAR SpeedPark has eight heart-pounding tracks to let riders of all ages feel the thrill of go karts. The Smoky Mountain Speedway is a quarter mile D-oval shaped course that allows riders to drive a 3/8 scale version of an actual Sprint Cup car. The Competitor is a short oval track that allows side-by-side racing in Eagle cars with single and double karts available. The Intimidator is tough enough to be named after Dale Earnhart and has thrilling turns and twists. The Slidewayz is a 750 foot slick track with tight turns and a polished surface. The Family 500 is great for all drivers and has single and double karts. The Young Champions track is 1,100 feet long and wraps around for a thrilling ride. The Qualifier is a great track for rookies and the Baby Bristol is fun all ages, as long as the driver is over 40” tall. NASCAR SpeedPark isn’t just go karts – there are also rides such as the speed bumper boats, “The Rock” rock climbing wall, the Starship 300 and more! Grab a bite to eat at the snack bar and cool off in the arcade. For more information, visit NASCAR SpeedPark’s listing here or their website here.


The Track

The Track in Pigeon Forge has go karts for all ages! Ride on one of the four courses and feel the thrill! The Wild Woody is a three story wooden roller coaster style track with dips, drops and climbs. The Track is a classic go kart track with over passes, turns and ramps. Kids can drive, too! Kiddie Karts in Kid’s Country are open to drivers three feet tall and over. Kids four feet tall and up can drive the Rookie Karts also located in Kid’s Country! The Track also has Gator Golf, bumper cars, bumper boats and an entire Kid’s Country for the younger fans! Don’t forget about the bungee jump, sky flyer and arcade all at The Track! For more information, visit The Track’s listing here or their website here.


Xtreme Racing Center

The newest racing hub in the Smokies, Xtreme Racing Center in Pigeon Forge has world class Sodi high speed racing karts. Feel the rush as you race in karts that reach 30 to 40 miles per hour. Race your friends and family down the track in the single karts. Ride in a double kart and take a spin together. The Xtreme Racing Center lets riders feel like professional racers when they hit the tracks! Visitors can watch the race from many different viewpoints all around the raceway. Don’t forget to visit the arcade after the race. For more information, visit Xtreme Racing Center’s listing here or their website here.



So, get out there and go for a ride on the wild side at one of these great go kart tracks in Pigeon Forge today!

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