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Country Roads Axe Company

Families are looking for new and exciting things to do together when they go on vacation. They need a place to enjoy a great time, great food, and exciting activities, a kind-of one-stop-shop if you will. People come to Pigeon Forge with the idea of escaping the “real world” and trying something new. With those cries, one business stood up and yelled, “Challenge Accepted”! That business was Country Roads Axe Co.

Now before you jump to another page, let me introduce you to our Featured Member of the Month. The Country Roads Axe Co. delivers something more than what the name may represent. Sure there are axes involved and the decor may resemble sights of a Country Road, but they are so much more than those simple visual aids. Country Roads Axe Co. is a full service Family fun entertainment venue packed with action, food, and great drinks.

Bring Out The Woodsman (or Woods-woman) in You


Country Road Axe Company


Country Roads Axe Co. features a one-of-a-kind experience featuring real axe throwing! No where else will you find a place where you can throw a real axe at a target and compete with your friends and family at who really is the best of the best.

They also offer Throwing Stars to bring out that ninja fantasy you may be harboring. No matter what you want to toss, Country Roads Axe Co. is here to provide a safe, family-friendly environment so everyone can enjoy this unique, one-of-a-kind experience.

Everyone Needs to Eat


West By God Pizza


With all that friendly competition, you are sure to build up an appetite. Country Roads Axe Co. is here to provide quality comfort food to help you celebrate your victories. Featuring West By God Coalfired Pizza, you can enjoy the very best in brick oven pizza. Freshly cooked to order, you and your guests can enjoy hot pizza with all the toppings you can pile on.

Pair this mouth-water masterpiece with hot wings, chips and salsa, onion rings, and so much more to really satisfy your hunger. West By God will fill your bellies and get you ready for another round of Axe Throwing or whatever is on your agenda.

Quench Your Thirst




Country Roads Axe Co. doesn’t stop with Axe Throwing or prime pizza, they also offer an Adult Beverage Bar. The Ipourit station features 24 different craft beers for you to try. Sample different craft beers while you invite engaging conversations with your guests.

The Ipourit station allows you to visit the bar as much as you want, as you sample various beers, sours, seltzers, and ciders. Pay by the ounce and find that new brew that you have been missing out on.

No matter your interests, Country Road Axe. has something for everyone. Enjoy a new and unique experience accompanied with great food and even better drinks. A family fun place for all to enjoy!

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