Explore The NEW “Savage Seas” Exhibit at Ripley’s!

The NEWEST Ripley’s Exhibit is officially open! Explore all the discoveries, tales, and ruins of what lies beneath the ocean surface.

Learn all about pirate life and discover the weapons used for daily survival! With many games available, you can live like a pirate experience their choice of entertainment. Be prepared to weather the storm inside the capsule which produces hurricane force winds! Learn about common tales and myths about shipwrecks and weather related sinkings. BEWARE of the sea monster taking over the ship! You won’t want to get wrapped in those arms!



Explore what the sea has reclaimed, shipwrecks teem with life, treasures, and secrets of the past. This previous exhibit, Shipwrecked, was on display and has several theme and displays carried over into Savage Seas.


Climb beneath an ancient shipwreck and explore the treasures and sea creatures she hides. Learn how divers work to uncover buried vessels using special diving gloves. You can even go on a mission to uncover artifacts in a tank with sea life!


Discover mysterious shipwrecks and discover what actually happened! You can also text your knowledge on ghost stories that happened on board the ships!

Explore all of these and so much more at Ripley’s all new Savage Seas exhibit!


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