Tax Free Weekend

Jul-31-2020 thru Aug-02-2020

When the clock strikes 12:01 on July 31, Tennessee will kick off its annual Sales Tax Holiday. For three days (until 11:59 p.m. on August 2), consumers can shop eligible clothing, school supplies and computers without paying sales tax. Most clothing, school supplies, and computers are exempt from sales tax if the purchase price falls beneath a certain threshold. Pricing limits and examples of eligible products are listed below. Clothing under $100. This includes general apparel, uniforms, shoes and swimsuits. School supplies under $100. This includes backpacks, notebooks, textbooks and lunch boxes. Computers under $1,500. This includes desktops, laptops and tablets for personal use. This $1,500 threshold is much higher than in most states and, notably, would include some pricier laptops and tablets, such as Apple’s MacBook and iPad Pro.