Pigeon Forge Chuck Wagon Cookoff

Mar-01-2024 thru Mar-03-2024

Join us for a thrilling 3-day affair featuring an intimate dinner concert, cowboy church service, and our highly-anticipated annual cookoff competition! Venture to Clabough’s Campground where chuck wagons will convene for a unique outdoor culinary extravaganza. Long before the advent of today’s food truck phenomenon, early American chuck wagons served as the lifeline for cowboys traversing the vast prairies during cattle drives. These chuck wagon cooks, affectionately known as "cookies," rely on humble ingredients to craft their menus and harness the power of fire to cook their meals. The chuck wagon cook-offs play a pivotal role in preserving the heritage of cattle drive trail days and ensuring the faithful recreation of these mobile kitchens. Contestants vie for cash prizes awarded to the most authentic wagon and recognition in various culinary categories, spanning meat, potatoes, bread, beans, and dessert. All dishes must be prepared onsite, utilizing ingredients provided to the cooking teams. Condiments are permitted at the discretion of the cooks, while prohibited ingredients are clearly outlined prior to the commencement of the competition. Join us for a celebration of tradition, flavor, and camaraderie!

Pigeon Forge