Ancient Lore Village D&D Night

Apr-04-2024 thru Apr-04-2024

Embark on an epic quest every Thursday as you and your fellowship dive into a world where magic reigns supreme! At Ancient Lore Village, your Dungeons & Dragons dreams become reality amidst our mystical setting. Get ready for tales of valor, daring quests, and legendary battles that will leave you breathless! But what's an adventure without some sustenance? Fear not, brave adventurers, for we've got you covered with a spread fit for heroes: MENU: Wings fit for a dragon slayer BBQ Meatballs worthy of a knight's feast Sweet treats from the Candy Bar to keep your spirits high And for our seasoned adventurers of level 21 and beyond, we proudly introduce a tavern classic: MEAD! Venture forth and join us for an evening filled with excitement and camaraderie. And remember, the tavern doors are open for those aged 21 and above, with a cash bar offering a selection of libations, including the mighty mead! PRICE: $25.00 per adult So rally your party, sharpen your swords, and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime!

Ancient Lore Village