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Newest Dollywood Rollercoaster to come in 2023


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In the newest expansion of Wildwood Grove comes the biggest thrill ride to excite all types of roller coaster fans. With over 3,990 ft of track that expands over 6 acres of Dollywood; including 23 “butterfly” moments, you are sure to scream with joy over this new attraction. The new coaster was announced on August 5th, 2022, and even though they are still working on it, here are some facts to get you pumped for 2023.


Big Bear Mountain Rollercoaster

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Views of All Angles

This massive rollercoaster is not only going to provide you with twists and turns, but the size will provide you with sights of the entire Wildwood Grove. You will get to experience almost 90-degree views of each little area as guests watch from below. The overall adventure is fitting since you will be sitting in a four-wheel drive SUV, ready to send its passengers rushing up, down, and over the green hills of the Grove.

Size Matters for This Coaster


Big Bear Mountain Coaster Map

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Dollywood didn’t think small for this Big Bear Mountain coaster. When the final bolt is in place, the Big Bear Mountain will be the longest coaster at Dollywood. It will also feature a 66 foot elevation increase as you climb to tops of the trees. The 20 Passenger SUV-train will make you feel like the largest animal in the forest, just like the Big Bear is.

Don’t worry though, the minimum height requirement is 39”, so almost everyone will be able to enjoy the thrills.

Get ready for 2023, the year of the Bear at Dollywood. You can learn more here, or you can go ahead and purchase your Pre-Sale tickets now to be the first on the Big Bear Mountain roller coaster.

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