Paralyzed Man Relives His Love of Roller Coasters at Dollywood

Dollywood is a top Pigeon Forge attraction recognized worldwide.

Dollywood is a top Pigeon Forge attraction recognized worldwide.

Everyone who visits Dollywood comes away with exciting experiences and unforgettable memories, but for Alan Prescott, his latest trip to Dollywood helped fulfill something he had been missing for some time.

For Alan, the rush of riding a roller coaster was one of his favorite experiences. “He loves coasters,” said his wife Stacey in an interview with WVLT, “We have always done that. I think about every month we were getting out and riding roller coasters somewhere.” But, his frequent coaster rides came to a close when Alan was tragically paralyzed after being involved in an ATV accident.

Alan Prescott rode a roller coaster at Dollywood after he was paralyzed

Alan and Stacey at their wedding (photo from Facebook)

Most parks with roller coasters don’t allow people without the control of their legs to ride, so what used to be Alan’s favorite pastime became a painful reminder. “I have season passes to Sea World and Busch Gardens, and I love going there and everything. We haven’t even been back to Busch Gardens since my accident, because you can’t do anything…” said Alan.

When the Prescotts were looking for a place to visit for their anniversary, they decided to visit the Smokies and Dollywood. “He might not be able to ride the rides and stuff like that, but at least there are so many things you can do there,” said Alan’s wife Stacey.

When the Prescotts arrived at Dollywood with their good friends Shelby and Shane Paramenter they expected much of the same of what they had experienced before. Yet, when they went to pick up an electric wheelchair that Alan had reserved, they were surprised to learn Dollywood had different standards.

They told Alan that if he had anybody who could pick him up and put him on the rides, he would have no problem enjoying the roller coasters at Dollywood. Luckily, his close friend Shane was there to do the lifting.

So, for the first time in three years, Alan was finally able to enjoy one of his favorite things to do before the accident: ride amazing roller coasters. His wife Stacey had a special message to Dollywood: “You offered us just a great experience, a great feeling to go somewhere and not feel like a burden to anybody.”

Paralyzed man able to ride roller coaster for the first time in 3 years at Dollywood

This Facebook post by Shelby Paramenter talks about the group’s trip to Dollywood.

Alan and Stacey left the park that day, hand in hand, looking back on an amazing day at Dollywood, just like any other couple. This just goes to show, the folks here in the Smoky Mountains are happy to go the extra mile to make our visitors feel welcome and unique, no matter who they are.

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