7 Free Pigeon Forge Points of Interest Off the Beaten Path

7 free pigeon forge points of interest

They’re fun, they’re free, and people don’t really know about them. These Pigeon Forge points of interest offer a unique experience to visitors looking for cool things to do off the beaten path. Now, not all of these Pigeon Forge points of interest are technically in Pigeon Forge…but the ones that aren’t are found only a few minutes away. But, all of them are worth visiting!

1. Patriot Park One of Our Pigeon Forge Points of Interest That Not Everyone Knows About

While Patriot Park may be a favorite spot for people who regularly visit Pigeon Forge, this awesome public space may not be known to newer visitors to our area. This park is a cool place to relax and enjoy the weather. What makes it such a great Pigeon Forge point of interest is the history you can find strewn throughout the park.

Patriot Park is one of the major Pigeon Forge points of interest

You can see a replica of the Liberty Bell at Patriot Park in Pigeon Forge


You can check out a replica of a Patriot Missile at the front of the park, as well as a replica of the Liberty Bell inside the park. In addition, you can see flags from all 50 states as you enjoy the ½ mile long walking trail. Patriot Park is often the host to major city events, including the 4th of July Patriot Festival (see the video below), Winterfest, and more.

For Pokémon Go aficionados, this is also one of the best places to capture Pokémon in Pigeon Forge! 

Emily Ann Roberts Music is live on stage right now at the #PatriotFestival in #Pigeonforge! We’re proud to have such an awesome East Tennesseean performing here today 😀

Posted by Pigeon Forge Chamber on Monday, July 4, 2016


2. The Dolly Parton Statue Makes You Feel Like You’re Meeting the Star Herself

Have you ever wanted to meet Dolly? Of course you have! Well, we can’t make that happen, sorry. But what you can do is visit the Dolly Parton Statue in downtown Sevierville, TN. The statue is of Dolly Parton sitting with her guitar on a rock outside the Sevierville courthouse. The statue also has a plaque that gives some information about Sevierville’s favorite daughter. This is an awesome spot for photos on your visit to the Pigeon Forge area, and is totally free!

Now do “Jolene”…….

Posted by Chris A Sutton on Friday, August 26, 2016


3. Bush’s Baked Beans Visitor Center and General Store Puts the Fun in Beans

Speaking of things you love, I’m sure you love Bush’s Baked Beans. What you probably didn’t know is that the processing plant for the company is located right here in Sevier County! Only about a 15-minute drive from Sevierville you can check out the Bush’s Baked Beans Visitor Center and General Store.

Bush Beans Visitor Center is one of the coolest Pigeon Forge points of interest

You can experience the history of the Bush’s Beans company at the Visitor Center


Inside you’ll find lots of awesome interactive exhibits exploring the world of beans and the history of the company. Best of all, this Pigeon Forge point of interest is totally free to enjoy! At the old fashioned general store on-site you can also find all the Bush’s goodies and souvenirs you could ever want. If you give them a visit, you have to check out the café, which features delicious unique food – particularly dishes inspired by beans. Try the bean pie, you won’t regret it!

The Bush's Baked Beans Visitor Center is one of the best pigeon forge points of interest

There are lots of interactive exhibits for the kids at the visitor center.


4. Have Fun For Free at the Wear Farm City Park

One of the most common requests we get from visitors are people asking about free things to do in Pigeon Forge. Well, if you’re looking for a fun, free activity for the kids, you have to check out Wear Farm City Park. Completed in Spring of 2013, the park is a beautiful facility that serves as the main city park for the city of Pigeon Forge. You’ll find two different playgrounds with unique features (check out the photos!) as well as lots of walking trails to enjoy.

Wear Farm City Park is one of our free Pigeon Forge points of interest

The playgrounds at Wear Farm City Park are really unique


The park has three shelters that are perfect for your next family get together, as well as a basketball court, one multi-purpose field, one lighted football field, and 5 lighted softball/baseball fields. You can find the park on Wears Valley Road in the heart of Pigeon Forge. This is one of the Pigeon Forge points of interest that is a must-visit location for families looking for a free thing to do.

Wear Farm City Park playground is a Pigeon Forge points of interest

One of the playgrounds at Wear Farm City Park pays homage to the Smoky Mountains


5. See Amazing Views at the Gatlinburg Bypass

The Gatlinburg Bypass is an easy way to skip past Gatlinburg to get straight to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park from Pigeon Forge. But, it is also the perfect place for amazing mountain views without the effort of hiking. The bypass offers two different outlooks with breathtaking views of the mountains and Gatlinburg. This is a favorite picture spot for visitors, for good reason.

Whether you’re looking to take in the green of summer or the autumn colors, these outlooks are the perfect place to take in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Here’s how you get to them: from Pigeon Forge head towards Gatlinburg. On your right you’ll see a sign for the Gatlinburg Bypass – take the exit to your right and you’ll head up the mountain on a straight road. Look for the outlooks to your left. The first outlook offers unadulterated mountain views, whereas the second outlook looks over Gatlinburg. Both are awesome Pigeon Forge points of interest!

Of our Pigeon Forge points of interest the Gatlinburg bypass has the best view

The breathtaking view at the first outlook of the Gatlinburg bypass.


6. Get More Than Books at the Pigeon Forge Library

Yes, I said it. The Pigeon Forge Library is an awesome Pigeon Forge point of interest. Now, before you start saying how boring libraries are, you have to realize the Pigeon Forge Library has so much more to offer than just book rentals! You can rent books, sure, but you can also rent CDs, audio books, DVDs, and more.

There’s an extensive children’s section as well as a large section devoted to local authors and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. You can also find vintage photos of Pigeon Forge at the library’s archives – it’s awesome to see how far we’ve come!

The Pigeon Forge Library is more exciting than you might think

The Pigeon Forge Library has an extensive children’s section


The library regularly offers free programs for the kids, where the children are engaged with active readings of books with an entertaining group leader! Check out the video from their Facebook page below to see an example of one of their free programs.

Their programs aren’t just for kids, though! They recently hosted a Doctor Who Day, where geeks (myself included) were drawn from all over for prizes supplied by a local comic shop. The library also offers a good-sized computer lab for you to get online while enjoying your vacation. Next time you’re looking for a free thing to do in Pigeon Forge, you have to check out the library!


Donna Pruett The Balloon Lady

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7. Experience the Forest from Your Car on the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail

Love nature trails, but don’t feel like walking several miles? Love scenic drives, but wish you could be closer to nature? The Roaring Fork Motor Nature trail in Gatlinburg, TN combines the majesty of a nature trail with the comfort of a scenic drive.

The Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail is an awesome free point of interest

You’ll find streams, waterfalls, historical buildings, and more on the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail


You’ll drive along a 5.5 mile-long, one-way loop through old-growth forests and over mountain streams. You will want to stop along the way too, as there are several historical buildings along the trail showcasing the first European settlers to the area.

Waterfalls are found throughout the loop, offering drivers the perfect viewpoint to take some amazing photos. This is a favorite loop for people who love hiking, as well. The trailheads for Rainbow Falls, Grotto Falls, and several other favorite Great Smoky Mountain National Park trails are found on Roaring Fork. It’s best to get out an enjoy the loop early to miss the crowds this amazing Pigeon Forge point of interest draws.

Looking for a free activity this afternoon? Take a scenic drive down the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail – home to beautiful outlooks, popular trails, and historical settlements.

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