6 Ways to Stay Fit on Vacation

stay fit on vacation

6 Ways To Stay Fit on Vacation

We all just need to be honest here, one of the best reasons for a vacation is to eat, eat and eat. New restaurants, new cuisine, it’s so easy to let yourself go and come home with a few extra pounds. Believe it or not, you can stay fit on vacation. In fact, just a few simple tricks will keep the waistline down but still allow you to enjoy the same vacation as everyone else!

Before we dive into the best way to stay fit on vacation, let’s all agree that those calories add up fast. Only if our checking accounts added up as quickly as calories do! If you eat an extra 100 calories in a day, that adds up to just over 10 pounds per year. Let’s think about what 100 calories looks like…

•About half of a protein bar
•2 Oreo cookies (regular, not double stuffed, sorry!)
•Half a can of regular soda
•Less than 2 buffalo wings
•A banana

This adds up quickly! Now, with all this being said, some of these would make great snacks, but like everything in life, it’s about quality control when snacking. Being just a little more active while laying on the beach, in a cabin or hotel, can make all the difference in the world when trying to stay fit on vacation.

1. Book Your Stay Where You Can Play

One of the first things you will do when deciding on a vacation spot is finding a hotel, or cabin or bed and breakfast. Be sure the facility has a gym, swimming pools or even stairs! Walking up just a couple of flights of stairs will dramatically help you stay loose and will burn calories that the elevator won’t! Be sure to ask for a room with a mini-fridge or kitchen. This gives you plenty of options to store fruits, veggies and avoid room service. Great places to stay in Pigeon Forge. 

2. Pack For Results

stay fit on vacationIf you remember to pack sneakers and/or workout clothes, you’re more likely to actually use them! But remember to bring some plastic bags. Plastic bags are PERFECT for putting your sweaty clothes in. It’s best to let them air dry a little before stuffing them in a bag. This will help you avoid being knocked out by the odor when it’s time to wash them. You can also toss a dryer sheet in the plastic bag to keep things fresh.

Also, be sure to pack snacks for your trip. When you’re planning your day, bring those healthy snacks along with you. You’ll save money and the options will more than likely be healthier. Trail mix, granola bars and even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich are great options that are healthy and easy to carry.

3. Ditch the Wheels

stay fit on vacationYou brought those sneakers for a reason, right? Wear them! Walk from place to place when you’r eon vacation. It’s great exercise, but most of all, you don’t have to deal with the stress of driving in traffic! You’ll save money on gas AND you can take in everything around you, unlike the motorist who are trying to make the turn they just missed.

4. Plan Fitness Into Your Day

A lot of what you may be doing on vacation requires a lot of standing, but maybe not a lot of movement. Museums and art galleries are a lot of fun but not a great way to get the blood flowing. Go for a nice long walk after your visit. Ask your hotel concierge for some walking maps in the area. If they don’t have maps, they can at least tell you the best places to go for a stroll.

Also, many places have scenic bicycle rides. In Pigeon Forge, KnuckleBusters will take you on a 2-wheeled tour through Pigeon Forge’s greenways and trails.

5. Exercise in Your Room

The idea of “working out” may sound daunting when you’re on vacation. Don’t feel like you need to train for the Tour de France. Just 10 minutes of exercise will help you feel more energized and keep those calories off. Here’s a simple workout that anyone can do in a hotel room.

•1 Minute- Jumping Jacks
•30 seconds- Rest
•1 Minute- Running in Placestay fit on vacation
•30 seconds- Rest
•1 Minute- Push Ups
•30 seconds- Rest
•1 Minute- Tricep Dips
•30 seconds- Rest
•1 Minute- Sit Ups
•30 Seconds- Rest
•1 Minute- Planks
•30 seconds- Rest
•1 Minute- Squats

By spending just 10 minutes a day you can improve your health, and make your vacation experience more fun since you won’t feel the need to take so many naps!

stay fit on vacationDon’t forget one of the best ways to exercise, increase energy and soothe any aches you may have is yoga and meditation. A combination of the 2 will help you clear your mind for the rest of the day and is a great, low impact, way of building lean muscle and flexibility. The best thing about yoga and meditation, you can do them practically anywhere!

6. R&R

You’re on vacation! There’s no need to go a mile a minute. Enjoy the time away from work. Resist the urge to check emails and stay away from doing anything work related. It will keep your head clear and your body relaxed.

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