Top 6 Things To Do In Pigeon Forge During the Fall

Top 6 Things To Do In Pigeon Forge During the Fall

Whether it’s fall break with the kids or just a weekend getaway, there are so many different things to do in Pigeon Forge during the fall. True, many of these things you can do year round, but fall in East Tennessee creates a unique atmosphere that many areas can’t provide.

1. The Changing of the Leaves

things to do in pigeon forgeThis is by far one of the most popular things to do in Pigeon Forge. It’s difficult to predict exactly WHEN the leaves will begin to change. So much depends on the weather in September but the “experts” have been able to predict that the changing of the leaves usually take place around the 2nd and 3rd weeks of October. What’s great, is the leaves begin to change in early October and progress in color the entire month. So if you made two trips to the area in early and late October, you’ll have a MUCH different experience.

2. Cades Cove

things to do in pigeon forgeA trip to Cades Cove is a ”must do” while visiting Pigeon Forge in the Fall. Cades Cove offers some of the best views of the Smokies and provide the best chance to see the beautiful wildlife. The 11 mile loop circles the cove and takes about 2 hours to tour. There are places to pull over and relax and enjoy the views around you. Be sure to pack a lunch or snack and sit out in an open field and take in the beauty that surrounds you. You could easily spend all day in Cades Cove just looking at the changing of the leaves. You can tour Cades Cove on foot, bicycle or of course, by vehicle. There are also places to pull off and hike to beautiful waterfalls.

3. Zip Lining

things to do in pigeon forgeIf you want an incredible experience with views you can only get during the fall, you need to book a trip to one of the many zip lining courses. Each company is in a different location, so you’ll have unique views of the Great Smoky Mountains as you zip through the mountain side. Many ziplining companies offer other adventures, like mountain biking, rope courses and more. Sure, you can do these adventures any time of the year but the views during the fall months are incredible, plus, the temperature is much more suitable to be outdoors for long periods of time. Be sure to check out Legacy Mountain Zipline and CLIMBWorks Smoky Mountains for the best ziplining adventures in the Smokies.

4. Mini Golf Tournament

Who doesn’t love to channel their inner Tiger Woods on the green carpet? There are several mini golf courses in Pigeon Forge and with a little creativity, you can make an all day event (or tournament) with putter in hand. Make a game out of it. Go from course to course, playing with friends or family. Turn it into the “Amazing Race” of mini golf in Pigeon Forge!

5. Horseback Riding

Kthings to do in pigeon forgeids or no kids, horseback riding can be a beautiful and lasting memory. You can ride through the scenic Smoky Mountains as the leaves are changing. Talk about a one of a kind photo opportunity! You can take a ride for a romantic evening or as a family. If you have small children, many stables allow you to “double up” where children ride along with their parent if they’re under a certain weight and age. If you have a larger group,, you may be able to enjoy the entire trail to yourself as many stables limit group trips to about 10 people. Horseback riding is truly a unique experience in Pigeon Forge during the fall months.  There are amazing stables in the Pigeon Forge area, Adventure Park & Five Oaks Stables and Walden Creek Stables are just a few that offer great rides through the mountains.

6. Shopping

things to do in pigeon forgePigeon Forge is known for the amazing shopping. Outlet malls, strip malls and numerous antique stores offer a great shopping experience. There are so many shopping destinations everyone will find a store to spend the day in.

Tanger Outlet Center
Tanger Outlet Center is located in Sevierville and is home to over 100 of the nation’s most popular brand names and premium designers. It’s like a group of your favorite brands got together and said “hey, let’s have a bunch of stores all in one place, and then give everyone 70% off!”

The Island
is positioned in the center of the Parkway in Pigeon Forge. There are so many different places to both shop, eat and relax. You can get an amazing view of the Smokies from the 200 foot tall ferris wheel, or sit and relax next to the fountains in a cozy rocking chair. The Island also hosts live entertainment for the entire family.

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