4 Tips To Avoid Traffic in Pigeon Forge

When planning your family travels you have to consider many things! You’ll decide what time of year work best for your vacation which tends to gravitate towards the summer months when school is out. So of course, there’s no surprise why summer and fall tend to be the busiest months on Pigeon Forge! No worries, we’ve put together a few tips on different ways to avoid traffic on the busier roads when you don’t have to take them! Depending on your final destination, there are plenty of roads to take other than the main Parkway.


Busy Seasons

This is a no brainer but we’d like to mention it. Summer and fall are the busiest seasons of the year due to multiple things! Of course the weather is warm and there more opportunities of things to do in the area. Also, schools are out! Most families travel when it’s most convenient which makes spring, summer, and fall breaks the easiest times to plan vacations. However, we recommend avoiding late afternoon and “rush hour” traffic in the area. Try planning your drive times accordingly so that you can get to your next adventure a lot quicker!



The Trolley’s may seem slightly old fashioned but the trolleys in Pigeon Forge are one of the most used systems in the US! Yep, that’s right! They transport hundreds of thousands of visitors and locals every year. The Fun Time Trolleys are so convenient AND affordable! Head to Patriot Park where the main station is to find the best route for your daily adventures. Fares start at $.50 per ride or can purchase an all day pass for just $2.50.

Map of routes 


Teaster Lane

Teaster Lane is a great road that runs parallel to the Parkway. Most people take this road since there are plenty of lodging accommodations and new attractions constantly being built. So many new shops and attractions are being added on this road as well so it’s almost as eye pleasing as the Parkway. Teaster Lane beings at light #2A along the Parkway and ends at light #8 just before heading into Gatlinburg.


Area Events

There’s no doubt that there are so many different events that take place in Pigeon Forge. While some are bigger than others, it’s important to note busy weekends to avoid. Car Show weekends keep the Parkway crowded and religious conferences keep the convention center packed with periods of a “rush hour” when sessions are released.


We hope this helps you and your family navigate the area during your time here and be able to squeeze in a few more things to do! Take us along on your vacation by tagging us in your posts and using the hashtag, #PigeonForgeMoments!

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