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Take a Walk on the Wild Side at Wilderness Wildlife Week

This spring, consider taking a walk on the wild side in the Great Smoky Mountains. We dare ya! It’s nature that will take center stage during the 28th Annual Wilderness Wildlife Week, running May 8th through 12th.

Winner of the Top International Event of 2017, based at the LeConte Center, this gathering of nature lovers is one of the popular Pigeon Forge special events each year. Its purpose is to provide visitors and locals alike with a way to learn about and enjoy the natural wonders and even the history and culture of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The schedule features a week worth of walks, talks, workshops and exhibits, and best of all, all activities are absolutely free!

There are several new events, activities, and programs for 2018 that you won’t want to miss. Be sure to check them out!

  • YEP (Young Experts Program): This program designed for children 12 and under an immersive and unique way to learn about wildlife, wilderness, old-time arts, area history, Appalachian culture and to connect to the great outdoors. More than 100 activities are available in this inaugural year. Session attendance and participation also allow each youth participating the opportunity to receive credit to redeem for free gifts for participating in the program. Gifts include coloring books, teddy bears, and other special prizes and treats.
  • First-Ever Film Competition Events: Another major addition for this year’s Wilderness Wildlife Week is the first-ever 48 Hour Film Race. The total prize money up for grabs in the contests and categories is $1,500. Please note this is a family- friendly event and entries featuring profanity or nudity will not be accepted. For the 48 Hour Film Race, the contest theme will be announced during Wilderness Wildlife Week at 10 AM on Tuesday, May 8 in Greenbriar Hall C. Those participating have until 10 AM on Thursday, May 10 to submit their short films for judging and showcasing. All submissions will be shown with winners announced beginning at 4:45 PM on Saturday, May 12 in Greenbriar Hall C.
  • Wilderness Wildlife Week Photography Contest Goes to Digital Display Format: For our photography friends, there are some major changes for this year’s photography contest. For the first time ever, submissions for the contest will be digital only. What this means is the contest will no longer display printed images for judging and will be a Digital Display Photography Contest. This change has been made for a myriad of reasons as we know it will make the contest easier and more affordable to enter. As a side note, there will be special physical photography displays of Great Smoky Mountains National Park from Thompson Photo Products, as well as Southern Appalachian Nature Photographers.
  • Wordsmiths of the Smokies: A New Programming Track. As a way to celebrate those who use the art of spoken and written words, Wordsmiths of the Smokies is a special programming tract celebrating authors, storytellers and poetry of the Great Smoky Mountains. This special series is set for Saturday, May 12 in North 2AB. 

For the event program click here: 2018-Wilderness-Wildlife-Week-Event-Program-Guide-Low-Resolution

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