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7 Restaurants Perfect for Big Groups in Pigeon Forge

Planning a trip for large groups is hard! Whether you’re charting the getaway for 15 or 50 people, finding a great place for large groups to eat can be a challenge. Especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area. That’s why we’ve put together this list restaurants in Pigeon Forge that are perfect for large groups.

To get on this list, the restaurants had to offer a combination of several different factors. They had to be able to accommodate large numbers of people with group seating or private rooms. Restaurants that offer special group rates or features were also included. No matter the size or type of group, Pigeon Forge has you covered!

1. Hard Rock Cafe Pigeon Forge

Looking for a perfect place for your group to eat? Why not have a “Burger Party” at Hard Rock Cafe? Burger Parties are the playful name Hard Rock gives their group events, and that playfulness shines through your entire group experience. From the rock-n-roll memorabilia covering the walls to the rock music permeating the room to the friendly service, Hard Rock works to provide an amazing atmosphere for your group. Their restaurant has a large capacity, seating a total 230 people!

Hard Rock offers three different types of menus for their groups: 1) Youth Menus, 2) Legendary Menu, and 3) Heavy Metal. The Youth Menu is perfect for school and youth groups, whereas the Legendary and Heavy Metal menus are great for corporate events or any other type of group. But, don’t stress if the menus don’t fit your needs. Hard Rock is more than willing to customize a menu that fits your group! A good example of these are Hard Rock’s bag lunches. These are perfect for the group that wants to grab lunch and then head off to their destination. Many youth and students group take advantage of this option, especially groups on their way to WonderWorks!

Hard Rock Cafe is a perfect restaurant for big groups in pigeon forge

A photo from our October Meet & Greet Breakfast that was hosted by Hard Rock


And, you can be sure everyone in your group will enjoy the food. Everything on their menus is handmade from scratch from only fresh ingredients. They feature items and burgers inspired by cuisine from all over the world and have top quality service. If you like, your group can buy out the entire building as well. This transforms Hard Rock Cafe into your group’s personal venue. That’s just one of the many features your group can enjoy. The restaurant’s wide open layout is very conducive to groups, but they also have sections that offer privacy. They have access to A/V equipment if your group needs it. Your group can take advantage of the stage inside the restaurant for presentations or just to have fun.

Director of Sales and Marketing, Susan Padgett, gave a great example of this. “For one of our student groups, we put them in The Pit [Hard Rock has names for their different seating sections; The Pit is the area directly in front of the stage] to encourage them to get on stage and have fun.”

Hard Rock goes the extra mile to make sure their group feels totally at home. “We like to let people know we’re glad they’re here,” said Susan. The restaurant is well known for going the extra mile for their customers and the community.

They regularly host charity events for local causes. “We’re all about giving back here,” said Susan, “Love all, serve all.” One great example is the Rock the Schoolhouse fundraiser — during which they were able to secure more than 80 backpacks for students of a local elementary school. Susan has a special connection to the youth groups that come through Hard Rock. “I like [all the groups we host], but I enjoy the youth groups most of all because they make me feel young again.”

If you’re interested in hosting your group event at Hard Rock, or just want to bring your group by for dinner, give Susan Padgett a call at 865-430-7625 or email her at susan_padgett@hardrock.com.


We were proud to host Dr. Joseph Fitsanakis of Coastal Carolina University at Hard Rock Cafe Pigeon Forge to talk about tourism security this morning! Special thanks to the amazing Anakeesta for sponsoring the event 👏👏

Posted by Pigeon Forge Chamber on Thursday, October 19, 2017


2. Margaritaville Pigeon Forge

Is your group looking to escape to an Island paradise nestled in the Smoky Mountains? Then, Margaritaville might be for you. It doesn’t matter what type of group you planning for, this awesome venue has you covered.

While the restaurant doesn’t have a dedicated private area, they do have a section that they can rope off for large groups. Smaller tables can be brought together to make larger tables to seat a large group! And don’t worry, if your group wants the restaurant to itself, you can rent out the entire restaurant! The restaurant truly works hard to make your group event unforgettable. They offer anything from a sit-down menu to buffets. And, what’s a group trip to Margaritaville without a margarita? Group events at Margaritaville can have a cash or open bar if your group likes.

Group menus are available, as well as vegetarian and gluten-free menus. Special group pricing is also available. If your group has 12 people or more, Margaritaville can offer group pricing at as low as $15 per person!

The atmosphere is everything you would expect of Jimmy Buffett’s restaurant getaway. Your group will feel like its escaped to an exotic destination. The food is amazing! Everything they serve is made in-house, including their sauces, rubs, and key lime pie. And, you’ll even have entertainment. Margaritaville hosts live music every night of the week in season, and Friday – Sunday in the off-season.

Margariitaville is a perfect place for large groups in Pigeon Forge

Margaritaville hosts live music most nights in-season.

3. Mama’s Farmhouse

Mama’s Farmhouse is tailor-made for large groups. The restaurant as an open design that can easily accommodate groups of almost any size. The rustic decor calls-back to their origins as mama’s home cooking. Also, outside you’ll find an awesome little play area for kids. Perfect if your group has children! If your large group isn’t looking for any special accommodations, you can easily sit in the main dining area. But, if you’re looking for something more private, Mama’s Farmhouse has you covered.

If you’ve ever visited Mama’s Farmhouse, you’ll have noticed the large barn built as an addendum to the restaurant. “The Barn” is a beautiful semi-private dining area at Mama’s Farmhouse that can easily accommodate your large group in Pigeon Forge. It can seat up to 92 people while you relax and enjoy time with your guests. I can offer a personal recommendation from my wife and I, in this case. Mama’s Farmhouse’s Barn hosted my our pre-wedding dinner and our daughter’s first birthday!

The food is the epitome of Southern-style cooking. Mama’s Farmhouse can take care of your group any time of day. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, each enjoyed family style. You can enjoy southern fried chicken, delicious southern sides, and homestyle breakfasts. Special shout-out to their biscuits, by the way; Mama’s Farmhouse biscuits were the winner of the 2015 International Biscuit Festival! But, the best thing about the food is that it is all-you-can-eat!

If you’ve never eaten at a family style restaurant, here is how it works. Mama’s Farmhouse brings you large plates of the main courses and sides to be shared by your group. You distibrute the food just like you would at a family dinner. Once you’re out of a side or main course, all you have to do is let your server know, and you’ll have a fresh plate in no time!

Posted by Heritage Fellowship on Friday, April 28, 2017


4. Huck Finns Catfish

Huck Finns Catfish is a staple of the Pigeon Forge experience. Their location is easy to spot. Just look for the iconic giant catfish up front! Fun fact: during the different seasons keep an eye out for the catfish to change up its look. This family-style restaurant has earned a reputation in its more than 20 years on the Parkway as a friendly, affordable, and reliable spot for delicious catfish!

catfish in front of Huck Finns Catfish-the restaurant is perfect for big groups in pigeon forge

The catfish outside of Huck Finn’s is always festive


The restaurant’s fun atmosphere is great for groups looking for a relaxed time. Be sure to check out their #HereisHuck wall! Folks from all over the country (and world) have taken their photo with their Huck Finns Catfish memorabilia on. Huck Finns is built to be restaurant perfect for large groups in Pigeon Forge.

They have a large private dining area that can easily accommodate large groups. The area, located away from the main dining area, gives your group privacy and plenty of space. But, your Pigeon Forge group isn’t limited to just the private area. “We can seat large groups in the front. We don’t have booths, but we are able to move tables around anywhere in the dining room. We’re always happy to accommodate big groups,” said owner Karen Moore. Group diners can choose from a family style menu that includes their US raised catfish, southern fried chicken, french fries, and famous vittles. All of this for a flat cost per person.

If your Pigeon Forge group visits Huck Finns after 5:00 pm, you’re in for a treat. East Tennessee native and eclectic musician Blake Robinson performs in the restaurant nearly every night in season! This amazing musician can play everything from old folk songs to classic rock and everything in-between. He does an amazing job invovling the crowd and playing requests.

21st Anniversary of Huck Finn’s Catfish in 1 week and this is THE FIRST Bachelor’s Party Dinner EVER! Great group of guys, thanks for coming in!

Posted by Huck Finn’s Catfish on Friday, May 20, 2016


5. Local Goat

Are you a lover of local goods? The Local Goat is an restaurant pefect for large groups in Pigeon Forge that is dedicated to local ingredients and scratch-made food. The Local Goat opened its doors in mid-2016 and quickly skyrocketed to become one of Pigeon Forge’s most popular restaurants.

But, in additon to being one of the best restaurants in Pigeon Forge, the Local Goat is an amazing restaurant for big groups. If you reserve your group’s spot, you’ll get access to their beautiful private dining room. The room, available at no additional charge, seats up to 60 people and gives your group the privacy its looking for. Large groups coming in are never turned away, though! The restaurant is always willing to find a place for your large group, even if you forgot to make a reservation.

The Local Goat works hard to accomodate its large groups. The restaurant offers a group menu that is built off of their already amazing normal menu. But, they are also happy to customize their menus to your groups needs. “We work with custom menus all the time for big groups,” said owner Tom Horne, “There are a lot of folks planning Christmas parties and stuff like that right now, and we work closely with them to give them the experience they want.” The Local Goat offers discounted rates to large groups, like tour groups, offering even more value for your large group.

If your group wants, you can host a company or organization party at the restaurant in the private dining room. Or, if need the entire restaurant, you can rent it out before it opens at 11:00 am! You’ll have access to A/V equipment, in case you’re looking to showcase a presentation. And, the restuarant even can offer a custom breakfast for breakfast events, like during our Meet and Greet Breakfast earlier this year!

Their kitchen is a scratch kitchen specializing in locally sourced and sustainable foods. Everything, from their sauces to their breads, are made right in their kitchen. Their bar operates on the same ethos. The Local Goat bar specializes in local craft breweries, craft cocktails, and fine wines. Even their dining room showcases their commitment to local-sourcing! Their dining room is filled with artwork from local artists and craftspeople. This is definitely a restaurant you and your large group should check out.

the Local Goat in Pigeon Forge is perfect for large groups

A photo from a chamber event hosted by the Local Goat in mid-2017



.6 Harpoon Harry’s Crabhouse

Is your group craving seafood? Harpoon Harry’s Crabhouse is one of Pigeon Forge’s best seafood destinations. They offer top-notch seafood, including some of the best sushi in the area. But, this restaurant is also a top-tier restaurants for large groups. With plenty of space for your group to enjoy, the only challenge you’ll face is deciding where to be.

When it comes to the restaurant’s decor, you’ll be impressed by the gradure and attention to detail. They describe their style as “woodsy-shek”, which is a really accurate description. Throughout Harpoon Harry’s, you’ll see beautiful custom hand carvings on everything from the support beams to the chairs. The restaurant has a total of three levels, with the upper levels enjoying a beautiful view of the river below.

They also have three full bars: the downstairs bar, a river deck bar, and the truck bar, which is a retrofitted 1926 Chevrolet! The restaurant prides itself on its beverage options, with over 100 types of whiskey and more than 28 types of moonshine available. They also have a stage downstairs that hosts live music on the weekends. The stage doubles as an A/V area large groups can use for their events.

Harpoon Harry's Crabhouse is the perfect place for large groups in Pigeon Forge

A photo from our June 2017 Meet & Greet Breakfast, hosted by Harpoon Harry’s Crabhouse


Harpoon Harry’s is happy to work with large groups looking to dine-in or to host an event. The restaurant can seat a total of 650 people, with 260 being able to fit on their river deck alone. They have plenty of private areas that fit groups of almost any size. The restaurant offers group menus and are willing to customize their offerings to your group needs. They also have you covered on the A/V front. Harpoon Harry’s has a sound system you can tap into as well as a large projector with the downstairs stage.

Of course, you can’t choose a restaurant without knowing about its food, and that’s where Harpoon Harry’s shines. They have a wide variety of delicious seafood avialable as well as other dishes for folks who haven’t gotten their sea legs. Their sushi bar offers some of best sushi in the area, and it stays open for orders until 1:00 am!


7. Cicis Pizza

If you don’t have a Cicis Pizza in your hometown I have two things I want to say to you. First, you have my deepest condolences. Second, this pizza extravaganza is a perfect place for large groups.

At Cicis Pizza you get an unlimited buffett full of pizza, pasta, salad, and desert all for one low price. Cicis has three locations in the Smokies – you can enjoy this delicious pizza in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg. The Pigeon Forge and Sevierville locations boast an extensive arcade room perfect for kids and adults alike. The arcade room is a serious bonus for large groups with children.

The seating is designed to be able to adapt to the needs of the guests. Even an especially large group looking for a restaurant doesn’t need to worry. The Pigeon Forge Cicis seats up to 202 people! And, the food is delicious. They build their pizzas with quality ingredients and care. The staff is very polite and willing to work with you.

When you’re planning your group dinner at Cicis, here are some things to keep in mind. First, both Zagat and Parents magazines have listed Cicis as a top family-friendly restaurant. Second, you also have the option of renting out seating sections for events for your group. This includes group pricing that makes it easy and affordable for everyone to have a good time. Third, when you host group events at Cicis, you can also have arcade tokens included. That way, after everyone’s done eating you all can hit the arcade!

Cicis pizza is a perfect place to bring a large group in pigeon froge

A church group lines up at the Pigeon Forge Cicis PIzza


A special thanks to Hard Rock Cafe Pigeon Forge for sponsoring this article!

Be sure to check out their group sales page on their website if you’re interested in hosting your large group in Pigeon Forge!