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7 Perfect Things to Do in Pigeon Forge with Young Kids

Like millions of other people, you probably came to Pigeon Forge for the first time with your familiy. Mom, Dad, you, your siblings, and probably even your grandparents made the trek to the Smokies for an amazing family vacation. In a lot of ways, the Smokies experience is generational. And, that trend is continuing today.

With more millienials becoming parents, we have more young families making the trek to the Smokies than ever. I definitely can understand that. My wife and I welcomed our daughter, Diana-Sage, into our family in September of 2016. But, like many millenial parents, I faced a unique challenge when planning vacations. Instead of planning activities for a young couple, I had to find kid-friendly things to do.


That’s why I’ve tackled this topic for our latest blog post. I want to help you find things to do in Pigeon Forge that you and your kids can enjoy. While there are literally hundreds of attractions that are great for young families, we wanted to focus this list on attraction features specificly designed for children. Also, even though the title is focused on Pigeon Forge, you’ll be able to find attractions from all three cities on this list.

Crave Golf Club’s Candy Wonderland

Crave Golf Club is one of the newest attractions to hit the Pigeon Forge area, but it has quickly become a visitor-favorite. They’ve taken mini-golf to the next level with an amazing candy-themed decor and innovative courses.

This amazing attraction has so much to offer young families with kids of all ages. Crave has two mini-golf courses avialable, both with 18 holes. Not only does Crave offer an amazing indoor course, but there is also a rooftop outdoor course avialable! As expected, candy and sweets are a big part of the experience at Crave. They have a huge candy selection for customers, and their gourmet milkshake bar is a must to check out before hitting a course.


Crave Golf Club Grand Opening

We had a blast today at the grand opening for Crave Golf Club! This amazing attraction brings milkshakes, mini-golf, and candy together for one sweet package ✂️🍨🏌

Posted by Pigeon Forge Chamber on Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Crave Golf Club prides itself on innovation. Its easy to see from their unique decorations and courses. But, they’ve also changed up the mini-golf game in a big way. At every hole, you’ll notice a platform with a spinner. This platform serves a practical purpose as a place to put your milkshakes while you golf. But, it is also another element of your game! By spinning the spinner, you and your group can add additional challenges to the mini-golf experience. You’ll challenge yourself by putting with your non-dominate hand, while standing on one foot, and a plethora of other fun challenges. It’s a great way to change up the mini-golf formula, and a feature your kids will love.

While enjoying your time at Crave Golf Club, you can also check out their seating area in the lobby (parents, be on the lookout for the massage chairs!) or their mini-bowling available on-site. This is really an amazing place to bring your kids, and a great attraction for all ages.


Live Tour of Crave Golf Club

Have a sweet tooth? We’re exploring Crave Golf Club, an awesome new attraction opening this week in #PigeonForge

Posted by Pigeon Forge Chamber on Monday, October 2, 2017



Topjump Trampoline Park with Kids Area

If you’re looking for an amazing with your kids, look no further than TopJump Trampoline Park. Their trampoline area includes a huge selection of activities, including lots of trampolines for open jump, trampoline dodgeball and basketball courses, a ninja warrior course, a battle beam gladiator pit, a giant air bag, and, of course, the kids zone.

Parents with kids under 10 can sometimes have trouble finding a fun, safe activity to enjoy as a family. But, TopJump’s kids zone is perfect for young families! The kids zone has kid-friendly trampolines, perfect for little ones. It also has a foam pit and a giant ball pit that puts the ball pits of your youth to shame. There’s even an area for parents to relax where you can see the entire park! If you have young children TopJump is a must-stop during your trip to Pigeon Forge.

But, that’s not even all of the activities TopJump has to offer! TopJump has a huge arcade and the Sugar Rush Cand Store, an over-the-top candy experience with every variety you could hope for. The park is also home to a one-of-a-kind experience: Clip ‘n Climb. The largest Clip ‘n Climb Center in the United States, this amazing TopJump attraction takes climbing to new heights. With Clip ‘n Climb, anyone over the age of 4 can simply clip onto one of the many unique climbing walls and start their climb on their own time. Each element has a unique challenge, and it’s fun for the entire family!


Titanic Museum’s Tot Titanic

The Titanic Museum Attraction is already a perfect place to take kids. With its interactive exhibits and graduer, it captures the imagination of kids and adults alike while connecting them with history. But, as anyone with children knows, kids can get a bit…restless.

That’s why the Tot Titanic area is such a perfect place for young families. This awesome section of the museum is specially built for young children under 10. The exhibit has lots to check out, from tunnels to crawl through to an interactive kid-sized tablet with a polar bear that reacts to what you say! There’s even a simulation where kids can try their hand at manning the Titanic in an effort to miss hitting the infamous iceberg.

There’s plenty more for young kids to enjoy thorughout the museum, as well. When you first arrive, you recieve a boarding pass from a real-life visitor. By the end of your visit, you discover whether or not your passenger survived. It’s a great adventure of discovery for kids, who work hard to learn more about the person on their boarding pass.

The dozens of interactive exhibits are also kid-friendly. For instance, kids can dip their hand in water chilled to the temperature that the ocean was the night the Titanic sank, or see a real life iceberg growing inside. There’s so much to learn and see, the Titanic is a perfect place to take your young family!

the tot titanic area is a perfect thing to do for kids in pigeon forge

The Tot Titanic area is an interactive area designed for young children.


The Island Ropes Course — Sky Tykes & Sky Trail Explorer

The Island is an amazing family destination. With free parking, the dancing fountains, and the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel, there’s so many free and low-cost things to do there. But, if your kids are looking for a challenge, they have to check out The Island Ropes Course.

This attraction has two different courses to choose from: Sky Tykes and the Sky Trail Explorer. The Sky Tykes course is designed for younger kids under 48″ tall. This course is low to the ground, but still offers all the challenge and fun of the Sky Trail Explorer. Just like the bigger course, participants are attached to a sling line and carabiners so they are safe and secure the entire time. There’s also always a certified employee on every course in case assistance is needed. The great thing about the Sky Tykes course is that you can walk alongside your child while she tackles it!

the sky tykes course is a great kids activities in pigeon forge

You can stand alongside your child while they attempt the Sky Tykes Course


The second course, Sky Trail Explorer, is a bigger challenge, literally. This three-story course challenges you with wobbly walkways and tightrope nailbiters. The experience isn’t for the faint of heart, but its worth the sweat to complete. You’ll get some of the best views of Pigeon Forge from the top of the course. Plus, if you can make it, there’s a built in zipline on the larger course as well as a simulated free fall (Quick Jump). Anyone over 42″ tall can tackle the Sky Trail Explorer, but you have to be over 48″ to attempt it without a taller chaperone.


Ropes Course at The Island

Experience the thrill of the Ropes Course at The Island in Pigeon Forge first-hand! Would you want to try this next time you visit?

Posted by Pigeon Forge Chamber on Thursday, June 1, 2017



Family-Friendly Adventures at Foxfire Mountain

Foxfire Mountain is an adventure park situated on 150 acres in the Great Smoky Mountains. It’s only about 20 minutes away from Pigeon Forge, but it’s definitely worth the drive. The park offers ten different adventures to its guests, including the fastest, longest, and highest zipline in the area, a giant climbing wall, and the longest swinging bridge in America!

Kids who are 10 years old and older can enjoy any of Foxfire’s two zipline courses. The Goliath Zip Line course is the highest (475 ft.) and longest in the Smoky Mountains. On the Goliath Zipline, you’ll reach speeds up to 55 mph! There’s also the Waterfall Canopy Tour, which is a popular family adventure. This tour takes you across seven platforms and two sky bridges as you zipline over creeks, waterfalls, hillsides, and cliffs.


Take a Ride on the Goliath!

The Goliath Zipline at Foxfire Mountain Adventures is the highest, fastest, and longest zipline in the area! You’ll be 475 ft. above the ground and will hit 55 mph 😲

Posted by Pigeon Forge Chamber on Saturday, April 29, 2017


In addition to the ziplines, families can enjoy hiking the property, checking out farm animals, the ATV Bear Crawler off-road adventure (kids 3 and older), the largest climbing wall in the Smokies (kids 5 or older), and the Tree Climber Aerial Ropes Course (kids 7 and older), a challenge ropes course that takes participants through the trees.

In addition to these awesome family-friendly adventures, Foxfire is also home to a low-level obstacle course. Kids can challenge themselves on rustic balance beams and more on this outdoor obstacle course. Since its low to the ground, its a perfect challenge for young kids that doesn’t scare the pants off the parents.

The low level obstacle course is a fun safe thing to do with children in the smokies

The low-level obstacle course at Foxfire Mountain is a perfect challenge for kids of all ages.


Sevier Air’s Network Net System and Junior Ninja Warrior Course

Sevier Air is the newest trampoline park in the Smokies, situated on Collier Dr. in Sevierville, TN. This 38,000 square feet facility offers a wide variety of things to do for kids of all ages. Besides their fields of trampolines, Sevier Air also offers a gladiator pit, foam pits, climbing walls, trampoline basketball, and a trampoline dodgeball area. It even has an advanced Ninja Warrior Course that particpants from American Ninja Warrior have used in the past to practice for the show!

Sevier Air Ninja Warrior Park

Looking for an indoor adventure in the Smokies? At Sevier Air you can challenge yourself with a real-life ninja warrior course, trampoline dodgeball, a wall climbing race, and so much more!

Posted by Pigeon Forge Chamber on Sunday, May 21, 2017


The entire park is very kid friendly, and small children are a common sight throughout Sevier Air. But, in addition to the previously mentioned features, Sevier Air has two features that are particularly awesome for kids. In addition to the advanced course, Sevier Air is home to a Junior Ninja Warrior course. This course is perfect for young kids wanting to take on a challenge who aren’t ready for the advanced course. Sevier Air is also home to a one-of-a-kind attraction for kids ages 2 to 10: the Networx Net System. This maze of nets let young kids explore and climb to their hearts’ content all while in a safe enviornment.


Low Impact Battles at Tennessee Mountain Paintball

Looking to work out some family aggression? Tennessee Mountain Paintball’s large facility offers you everything you need for a day of paintball battles. Worried about the pain? Don’t! Tennessee Mountain Paintball is different from their competitiors in that they offer low caliber paintballs. That means that when you get hit with one of their paintballs, it doesn’t hurt! They provide everything you need equipment-wise. And, their course makes you feel like you’ve been dropped into a first-person shooter. With forts, bridges, tunnels, and shelters you’ll fight your way through the course to overcome your opponents.

While kids 10 and over can enjoy low impact paintball, Tennessee Mountain Paintball has something special for kids 7 to 10 years old. With their unique Splatmaster Games, children can enjoy a paintball experiecne with no pain at all. This is a perfect option for your little one’s birthday party or for a young family.

Tennessee Mountain Paintball

Looking for a family adventure? Tennessee Mountain Paintball’s low impact paintballs don’t hurt, and their intricate course is perfect for a showdown.

Posted by Pigeon Forge Chamber on Tuesday, September 12, 2017



Special thanks to our sponsor! This article was sponsored by the amazing Crave Golf Club. Check them out today for an amazing family-friendly experience in Pigeon Forge!