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When people think of beans, Bush’s Baked Beans comes to mind. The Bush’s factory is located  in Chestnut Hill Tennessee outside of Pigeon Forge and has been operating there since A.J. Bush partnered with the Stokley Brothers in 1904. When the two families first came together, they agreed they would go into the business of canning tomatoes. Soon after, A.J. Bush bought out Stokley and Bush Brothers & Company was formed. Throughout the 1920s-30s, the company continued to grow despite the hard times of the Great Depression. As grocery demand increased among consumers, Bush’s expanded their Chestnut Hill plant and their product offerings. At the same time, the need for inexpensive foods increased and the company introduced Pork & Beans, which became a staple for the American family and helped drive business for Bush’s. Throughout the next 20 years, Bush’s increased production, created a new label identity and introduced dry beans with their main business being canning vegetables. In 1969, the secret family recipe was developed which later brought the signature tag line and new image, ” Roll that Beautiful Bean Footage” in the 1990s. During that same time, Jay Bush and Duke were introduced on national television showing how families can use their products with their meals.

Today the Bush’s Baked Bean plant is still thriving and continuing to grow. The museum allows visitors to walk back in time and learn about the values of the company and events that shaped the company today. The Bush’s Family Cafe can not be missed with classic Southern dishes. Choose from the assortment of sandwiches, hearty entrees and delicious deserts. Be sure to try the pinto bean pecan pie.  Finally, the General Store is the perfect place to stop and pick up a souvenir to remember your visit. This is a great place to come visit on your Smoky Mountain vacation. If you are lucky you might even run into Duke.

Bush’s Baked Beans is located at: 3901 US Highway 441, Dandridge TN, 37725

For more information visit : http://www.bushbeans.com/en_US/about_us/




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